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CSP models

I sometimes write blog posts about CSP, and use the FDR refinement checker to automatically check the specifications I put together. This repository contains the machine-readable CSPM files for those specifications, and some helper scripts for easily invoking FDR.

FDR via docker

The University of Oxford provides apt and yum packages that let you install FDR on Debian- and RPM-derived Linux distributions. I've packaged that up in a Docker image to make it even easier. If you already have docker running on your machine, you can just use

$ docker run [options] dcreager/fdr

to get a working copy of FDR.

There is also a refines script in this repository, which makes it easier to run the Docker version of FDR's command-line interface. It takes care of exposing all of the right directories on your machine inside of the container. If I've written everything right, you should be able to run

$ ./refines [arguments]

and have it "just work"; all of the [arguments] are whatever you would expect to pass in to FDR's actual refines command, just as if it were installed on your machine, instead of hidden away inside of a Docker container.


FDR is not open-source, and you will have to get a license to be able to use it. This process is mostly automated; the first time you run the refines script, FDR will prompt you for which kind of license you want to obtain. (FDR is free to use in many situations; the licensing prompts go into all of the details.)

The refines wrapper script makes sure to store your license file outside of the docker container, so that you can re-use it however many times you spin up a container to run FDR. You can find the license file in $HOME/.config/fdr.


FDR via Docker and various interesting CSP models




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