Ansible project boostrap is a default Ansible project you can fork and improve with your needs

Use this repository as a bootstrap for your organization custom Ansible project.

In case you're new to Ansible, I added some demo playbooks to understand how you should do things. You should configure your inventory and then run the playbooks like this:

ansible-playbook -i inventory/production/demo provision_demo.yml

You can watch a demo here.

The content of this project was created following the Ansible best practices:

Recommended usage

  1. Clone this project to a private repository and use it to version your organization infraestructure. You can name the repository something like infra or provisioning.

  2. For each application, create a playbook and an inventory (use the demo files as examples).

  3. Use the existent roles or create new ones, remove tasks that you don't need and add tasks you need, know what the roles are doing and keep things simple.

Included roles

  • deploy (creates a deploy specific user and copies ssh keys)
  • dev (installs common packages like autoconf and build essentials)
  • git
  • grafana
  • imagemagick
  • influxdb
  • jenkins
  • jre
  • mysql-client
  • mysql-server
  • nginx
  • nodejs
  • phantomjs
  • postgresql-client
  • postgresql-server
  • puma
  • rails
  • rails-deploy
  • redis
  • ruby
  • sidekiq
  • unicorn