Inploy binary doesn't work with custom templates #24

rafmagana opened this Issue Feb 10, 2011 · 2 comments


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I'm in a rails 3 project and I added a lib/inploy/template/my_template.rb file, if I run the rake tasks it works, but if I try to fire the "inploy update" command it says:

deploy.rb:36:in `configure_from'
no such file to load -- inploy/templates/my_template.rb (LoadError)

Is this a not yet implemented feature, a bug or I'm doing something wrong? where should I place my custom templates and servers?


dcrec1 commented Feb 11, 2011

Hi Rafael,

did you put your template file in

lib/inploy/template/my_template.rb or
lib/inploy/templates/my_template.rb ?

In the case you put it in the first path, I think this is the problem.

Please check this and tell me if things didn't go ok.

No, in the comment I had a typo, the actual path is lib/inploy/templates/my_template.rb, so I have my template in the path you said is the right one, besides, the actual name of my template is a one-word name like abc.rb, the modules inside the template are:

module Inploy
    module Templates
        module Abc

any idea?


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