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Simple tool to transfer stories from Pivotal Tracker to Clubhouse
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This project is not active. If you need to make changes, please fork it.


Simple tool to transfer stories from Pivotal Tracker to Clubhouse.

Python Package Dependencies

I'm assuming you'll use pip to install them.

  • requests 2.7.0 or above


usage: pivotaltracker-clubhouse [-h] --ptoken PTOKEN --ctoken CTOKEN
                                --pproject PPROJECT --cproject CPROJECT

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
required arguments:
  --ptoken PTOKEN      The app token of the Pivotal Tracker user. See
  --ctoken CTOKEN      An app token of the Clubhouse user. See
  --pproject PPROJECT  The Pivotal Tracker project ID from which to transfer
  --cproject CPROJECT  The Clubhouse project ID to which to transfer stories.

API Token Retrieval Instructions


Only non-accepted stories in Pivotal are transferred. Release-type stories are not transferred. Some basic information, such as the name, story type, tasks, and labels are preserved. Not all information is preserved. See the code for details. The created date will be the date of the transfer, and the requester will be the owner of the Clubhouse API token. The work state (e.g. started, finished) is not preserved. If you run the tool multiple times, you will have duplicate stories. You can easily bulk archive stories in Clubhouse before using the tool again, but if you want them permanently deleted, it won't be so easy (but archiving is probably sufficient to keep it uncluttered). An additional label "pivotal" is attached to each imported story, and the Clubhouse story external_id is set to the ID of the Pivotal story. Stories in Pivotal are preserved, not deleted.

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