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Repository Structure

  • src/hub-backend: DCS-BIOS Hub backend (written in Go)
  • src/hub-frontend: Web frontend (based on React, written in TypeScript)


To run the backend application:

cd src

To run the frontend application:

cd src/hub-frontend
npm start

Ignore the built-in webserver on port 5010, it can only serve the frontend when it has been built using npm build and moved to the right place. For development, use http://localhost:3000 instead, which runs the webpack development server. It automatically reloads when you change a source file and provides nice error messages.

The frontend will detect that it is being served from port 3000, assume it is in development mode, and still direct API requests to port 5010.

Building a Release


Tool Where to download Purpose
go The DCS-BIOS Hub is implemented in the Go programming language.
npm To build the frontend web application, you will need the npm package manager, which is part of node.js.
Wix Toolkit Builds the .msi installer
Sphinx Used to build the documentation

To create an MSI installer, run release-build.cmd from the repository root. Make sure to set the BUILD_VERSION and MSI_VERSION environment variables accordingly:

set BUILD_VERSION=v0.1.2beta3