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Releases: dcs-bios/dcs-bios


12 Nov 16:08
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  • fix IntegerBuffer code snippet (add missing mask and shift_by values)
  • IntegerBuffer snippet is now prioritized over the ServoOutput snippet
  • document Potentiometer code snippet and expose the parameters for the EWMA filter
  • remove "Installed Modules" list (now that module definitions are being installed as plugins, this list will most likely be identical to the list of all module definitions anyway)
  • add "Hub Scripts" feature (the DCS-BIOS Hub can now run Lua scripts that can remap commands and outputs depending on the active aircraft)


07 Nov 12:18
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  • Keep a copy of all control reference JSON files from plugins at %APPDATA%\DCS-BIOS\control-reference-json


05 Nov 21:16
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DCS-BIOS Release v0.9.2
Fixes the control reference


05 Nov 20:16
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DCS-BIOS Release v0.9.1

This release fixes a bug that breaks the Lua export as soon as the DCS-BIOS Hub was restarted.


05 Nov 15:59
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Release v0.9.0

The aircraft-specific parts of DCS-BIOS are now tracked as separate projects and installed using the new plugin manager.

If you are upgrading from 0.8.x, you will have to follow the new setup instructions:

  • Install the plugins for the aircraft modules you want to use. The "recommended plugins" feature will only work for the A-10C and Harrier at the time of release. Uncheck "only show recommended plugins" and manually select the plugins you need from the list. Then let me know the exact folder name of your aircraft module in the DCS installation folder (e.g. "mods\aircraft\A-10C" so I can add that information to the plugin catalog.

  • The checkbox for "Virtual Cockpit Connection" will be unchecked and the Export.lua integration will be broken. To fix it, just check "Virtual Cockpit Connection" in the DCS Connection page again.


01 Nov 17:30
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  • Re-add the controls that were removed in release v0.8.4 in a way that retains compatibility with v0.7.1-based hardware cockpits and v0.7.30-based DCSFlightpanels configurations
  • F-14B: weapon store gauges are now exported as indicator lights
  • F-16: add UHF and CMDS display outputs
  • F-16: add OBOGS and GPS switches


31 Oct 18:32
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DCS-BIOS Release

  • fix bingo fuel selector in AV8BNA
  • revert some changes to A-10C and UH-1H profiles to make the output addresses compatible with v0.7.1 again
  • A-10C: remove Canopy Position, TISL ENTER Light, TISL OVER TEMP Light, TISL BITE Light, TISL TRACK Light
  • UH-1H: change radar altimeter display, chaff and flare counts back to a string exports


30 Oct 15:50
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  • FA-18C: fix COMM1 and COMM2 channel preset displays when the first digit is "1" or "2"
  • FA-18C: right-justify UFC scratchpad display
  • Fix control reference communication in Edge browser
  • The automatic setup now detects DCS: World if it was installed via Steam


28 Oct 22:21
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Release v0.8.2

  • the PDF download of the documentation on now shows the correct version number
  • the web interface of the DCS-BIOS Hub should now work on Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
  • the FA-18C Hornet is correctly recognized as an installed module
  • the automatic setup of Lua scripts no longer fails if the "Scripts" and/or "Hooks" directories do not exist in the user profile
  • improved error message when the user profile does not exist at all
  • the installer now saves the install location in the Windows registry at HKLM\Software\DCS-BIOS\DCS-BIOS Hub\Path. Third-party software could use this registry key to locate the control reference JSON files.
  • the installation documentation now explicitly mentions the name of the installer file


26 Oct 01:27
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  • include last changes from master branch of

    • F-14 Master caution fix
    • F-16 DED bugfix
    • F-5 Antenna Tilt Control Knob fixed
  • Add documentation (accessible from the web interface)