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Heartbeat configuration through puppet
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= heartbeat puppet module =

Manages heartbeat cluster configuration.

Requires: [puppet-common](

== Definitions ==

  * heartbeat

=== heartbeat ===

All parameters have defaults, shown below except for owned_resources,
whose default is an empty list. Note that a resource should be owned
by only one host in the cluster, though different hosts may own
different resources.

Note that peerip will only be used in the template, which,
presently, does not require it.

heartbeat { 'clustername':
  onwed_resources = [ '', 'http' ],
  key = 'clustername', # ignored if auth_method is crc
  configuration = '', # content of -- uses module template by default
  iface = 'eth0',
  peerip = '', # Peer IP to be used in unicast configurations
  auth_method = 'sha1', # or crc, md5
  ensure = present, # or absent
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