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-This branch uses the official {authlogic\_openid}[] library. For more information on this application please see the {master branch}[].
+= Authlogic OpenID-Selector Example
+This is an example of how to use Authlogic in combination with the Javascript OpenID-Selector in a Rails app.
+<b>Please check the following pages to find more information about the applications used to build this example:</b>
+* Original Authlogic Example App:
+* Authlogic:
+* Authlogic OpenID:
+* Javascript OpenID-Selector (based on JQuery):
+== What does this example app contain?
+1. OpenID User registration using Javascript OpenID-Selector.
+2. Automatically log users in upon successful OpenID registration, saving his OpenID identifier and email address.
+3. A my account area where the user can view / delete his account.
+4. Login/Logout functionality.
+5. Automatically store information on the users and their session in the databases. Such as login count, IP address, when they logged in last, and when their last activity occurred.
+6. Count how many users are logged in / out in your system.
+== Current Issues
+* Needs to be tested using other OpenID accounts besides Google and Yahoo
+* Yahoo currently doesn't provide the user's email by SReg or AX.
+== TODO
+* Port Javascript OpenID-Selector to the Prototype JS library.
+* Implement Facebook login into this app (waiting for Authlogic Facebook module).
+* Use this application to build a Rails plugin.
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<%= yield %>
-<h3>Current Known Issues:</h3>
- <li>Yahoo isn't working because currently it doesn't provide the email address neither by sreg nor by ax.</li>

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