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2.1.x - Release Notes

Original release: February 22 - 2018

Last Updated: June 19 - 2018


rfi_id, rfi_fac
cf_type, cf_mcc, cf_mnc
btt_presence, btt_wreason, btt_driver
ap_mov, ap_cur_mag, ap_ref_deg_x/y/z, ap_cur_deg_x/y/z
ecu_tires_psi, ecu_tires_warning, ecu_tpms_provision
  • added, GET /email resource

  • added, PUT /configurations for ev_labels & allowed_cmds

  • added, GET /configuraitons there's a new warnings array for every configuration that helps analyze the configuration quickly for any issues

  • added, GET /configurations?obsolete to see configurations that have been previously removed

  • added, PUT /configurations//io_names update the input output names of the configuration

  • added, GET /device-outb-logs//[response-[error|ok]|sent] returns the commands that the system has sent to the device, and the device's response

  • added, DELETE /device-outb-logs//response-error deletes any error messages that the device had in queue (also removes the device from the list in (/system/outb-errors))

  • added, POST /device-config to automatically set the configuration of a calamp or titan device to a particular ky, this allows you to set custom labels for a titan or calamp

  • added, PUT /device-mute resource

  • added, POST /entities for linking or associating a vehicle to an asset, the parameters are {"primary_id": #, "secondary_id": #} these IDs can be either an asset or a vehicle, but not both

  • added, DELETE /entities for unlinking or de-association of a vehicle with its asset

  • added, PUT /forwarders/ ability to edit the timezone, groups and general configuration of a forwarder (this resource is restricted to Admins)

  • added, GET /qrcodes resource

  • added, GET /restrictions

  • added, GET /system/outb-errors returns a list of devices with outbox errors

  • added, support for calamp models in the listener

  • added, new api for reversegeo - docs coming soon

  • fixed, GET /counters api with deltas sometimes returned wrong values

  • fixed, GET /trips bug when a trip was requested for a vehicle that was not associated to a device