Shell script for editing an encrypted text file using your SSH key
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Version: 1.0.0
Download: is a shell script for editing an ecrypted text file stored as $HOME/.myvault

The text file is symmetrically encrypted using aes-256 and a random 32 character password that is generated every time the script is run. The password is then encrypted using an RSA key (Default: $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa)

It can also be used to encrypt and decrypt arbitrary files using the same method.


  • OpenSSL


If you do not already have an RSA key generated, use the following command to do so.:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
  • Note: It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use a passphrase on the key.

Usage [-f FILE] [-k KEYFILE] [-p KEYFILE] [-e] [-d] [in_file] [> out_file]

Specify an encrypted text file (Default: $HOME/.myvault)
Specify a private RSA key file (Default: $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa)
Specify a public key file (Default: {PRIVATE_KEYFILE}.pub.pem)
Encrypt in_file to STDOUT
Decrypt in_file to STDOUT

Notes uses the EDITOR and TMPDIR environment variables for some configuration.

If EDITOR is not defined, it defaults to vim.