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Go library to run http servers on top of stripe's einhorn.
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-- import ""

Package einhorn contains a series of helpers to run a http server on stripe's einhorn. It's helpful to run zero-downtime deployments.

For example to run a web app with einhorn you can do the following:

mux := http.NewServeMux()
mux.HandleFunc("/", httpHandler)
if einhorn.IsRunning() {
    einhorn.Start(mux, 0)
} else {
    server := &http.Server{Handler: mux, Addr: ":4000"}

and then

go build your-app.go
einhorn -b -- ./your-app

please note you have to build the application otherwise the restart signal is not handled. Now try restarting the cluster with:

einhornsh -e "upgrade"


To run the tests install gocheck:

go get -u

then run the tests as you would normally:

go test .

Integrating with Graceful

Graceful is a package enabling graceful shutdown of http.Handler servers. Integration with graceful is easy, first create an instance of the graceful server:

gracefulServer := &graceful.Server{
    Server: http.Server{Handler: mux},

then run it with einhorn:

einhorn.Run(gracefulServer, 0)

also, you'll need to set the OnStopCallback to close the server:

einhorn.OnStopCallback = func(server einhorn.Server, listener net.Listener) {
    gracefulServer := server.(*graceful.Server)
    gracefulServer.Stop(5 * time.Second)


var (
	// StopDelay indicates the time the process have to wait before stopping the process.
	StopDelay = 5 * time.Second

	// OnStopCallback is an optional callback that's called before closing the server.
	// Use it to cleanup everything before the server is stopped.
	OnStopCallback func(server Server, listener net.Listener)

func IsRunning

func IsRunning() bool

IsRunning returns true if einrhorn is running this process.

func Run

func Run(httpServer Server, einhornListenerFd int) error

Run runs the given http server on the given einhornListenerFd The listener FD is related to the einhorn's -b option so if you only pass one address the einhornListenerFd should be 0. It also handles the restart signal.

func Start

func Start(handler http.Handler, einhornListenerFd int) error

Start starts the http handler on the given einhornListenerFd. The listener FD is related to the einhorn's -b option so if you only pass one address the einhornListenerFd should be 0.

type Server

type Server interface {
	Serve(listener net.Listener) error

Server is a interface that requires to implement the Serve method. This interface is compatible with http.Server and you can use it to make this package compatible with other servers.

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