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Dirty Santa

it's so horrible what happened to Aaron Swartz. the shadowy powers that be robbed him of everything at the end. he lost all the money he'd made to legal expenses fighting some bogus bullshit. they were going to charge him with felonies and throw him in jail for decades, all to rob him of the chance he'd have to build/exercise power for change.


10,000ft view

i've already been robbed of all social/financial resources and tormented in a sociophysical prison for years. i couldn't even afford the drugs they tried to sell me, so they had to "give" them to me -- two hours before i walked 150 yards down the street with a friend, where he threw me at cops. he had also tried to plant baggies with residue at my house along with stolen goods and boxcutters. he miraculously got away by hiding in a tunnel -- even though it was fairly conspicuous -- while i threw myself at the cops to avoid him being arrested, since i was lucky enough to have left everything he gave me at home.

i can conclusively prove that he knew what we were walking into -- with plenty of circumstantial information on top. i don't believe it was the police, but there is no way he pulled this off by himself. it took over a month and was ... impressive. he stole my iphone and had lied about not having a phone -- he had a burner. he signaled over specific channels to avoid leaving a trace. and an hour or so before we left, he said on the phone to his sister "I'm bringing in #DonaldTrump." like WTF, do i look like an orange guy living in a white house?

Of course, there is no one here for me. i have minimal social & financial resources. my family was giving me bad advice and telling me i didn't need to talk to a lawyer. the detectives kept asking me about a false name. he had a wallet with someone else's ID that he showed me and I think he dropped it at the scene. i called the police station and they had only one record on file with my name on it and were investigating NONE with his name on it. i told them i had more information and haven't heard anything from him. i don't have access to my email, since i had two-factor on my iphone. this seems tactically relevant to slowing down resolution of the situation after the fact by expanding the length of communication feedback loop -- definitely against my favor.

anyways, i'm posting on here bc i just finished watching a documentary about #AaronSwartz. my back is against the wall and, like always, i'm socially isolated in perpetuity to minimize the possibility of information leaking out about my situation that would need to be stamped out later.

i ended up blowing up the situation on social media, since i'm backed against the corner, so now the situation is 100x worse for people involved, depending on which of my interpretations are correct. i feel horrible about this -- depending on who my old "friend" was working with or whether the local police were in on it, things could get pretty bad very fast.

and, as usual, there is no one in my life to listen. i have no money and no social options. all of this restricts my location and any options at my disposal, making me incredibly easy to predict, like a chess player with two pieces.


more to come later (again, i don't have millions of dollars to fight this bullshit)


Facebook Messages

This is David Conner. The post I made on my profile (not here) was reported and I was kicked out of Facebook for three days. After having my phone stolen by Bobby, this leaves me not only without 911 access, but also without most access to talk to anyone on facebook at a moment when my life may depend on reaching out to others. No one responds to messages on this account, since I haven't added any friends.

I realize the consequences of my actions and that they put me in grave danger. I don't think they were "right" but there's hardly actual justice in my life, if you know what I've been going through for the past three years. I've been tormented by gaslighting and intentionally isolated, without any semblance of justice or due process.

Regardless, I did not think Bobby was a narc. Narcs don't steal and plant stolen goods at your house, unless they were . Narcs wouldn't have any reason to investigate a user of drugs who wouldn't have had any drugs without having contact with the narc. That's definitely, definitely entrapment.

Narcs also don't engage in COINTELPRO-style disruption campaigns or manipulate the channels of communication to cover their tracks. However, Bobby did plant drugs on me, immediately before we encountered police and said they were a "Christmas" present, since I didn't have enough money to buy what he tried to sell me earlier that night. That was about 90 minutes before we encountered police.

I won't say how right now, but I realized after the fact that Bobby knew what kind of situation we were going to encounter. He was ready to run, knew that I had no experience running from the police (and thus would be the first one caught by a single cop) and knew what he was going to do and where he was going to hide. I also know that Bobby is street smart, but that he is not counter-intelligence smart -- i.e. use of deceptive counter-signaling, psychological techniques, etc. He had access to information obtained via illicit surveillance and he was using techniques that someone near him advised him to use. I had felt this out for over a month. It amazed me the number of options he had left himself and that he had arranged which would leave me legally vulnerable. I don't expect anyone to believe me with this much limited information.

This is just one example of situations that i've been placed in when I already feel like i've been a cornered animal for about three years now. I'm sick of it. I had taken the pictures of his messages to try to reconstruct things and realized that he was lying for the purpose of generating disinformation to me and others in his messages on FB. If you understand what I know, his FB messages paint a completely different picture of certain critical and hard-to-understand events:

  • He told me on 12/21 & 12/22 that he didn't have a phone, but i know for a fact that he stole a white Galaxy S3 from me which he used as a burner. I have the screenshots of his active facebook sessions to prove it. I told him I was going to give it to him, but I never did and noticed it missing (this phone I don't really consider "stolen" per se but more of an incident of intentionally poor communication)

  • He also told me that his tablet was broken -- and thus couldn't make phone calls -- but yet had his sister bring his tablet to him at my house. He never mentioned she was bringing it to me, but this is in his FB messages to her, which he acted like he did not want me to see. She brought it to him that afternoon around 4:00pm when we were planning on hanging out with her later around 8:00pm, but needed to get a ride from Justin to get there.

  • He made two phone calls in hushed tones in my bathroom, which i pretended not to notice. I didn't understand how he made the calls because, at that time, he didn't have my phone -- which also has evidence of all this on it. I later realized that he had the Galaxy S3 burner phone.

i'm not judging Bobby for being in a tough spot. I know that he did not want to do what he was going to do to me. Someone put him up to it. I WANT TO KNOW WHO PUT HIM UP TO IT.

I also realize that a lot of this is hard to understand for other people. When you're trapped in the situation that I am in, the people you're fighting against want to minimize all exposure of information. So, I have done the extreme opposite of that, at extreme risk to myself. I don't expect anyone to defend me. I just want to know what has happened in my life.

One final thing: about 60 minutes before we encountered police: he showed me someone else's ID from a wallet and asked me whether I thought he could use it. I said "No, it doesn't even look like you," even though I am not the kind of person that wants to advise someone on fake ID's. I found FB messages that indicated he had stolen someone's wallet a few days before. THE POLICE SEEM TO HAVE MISRECORDED THE ENTIRE SERIES OF EVENTS USING THE WRONG NAME, I think because he dropped a fake ID at the scene. Even though I don't believe that the police would set something up like this, my family and police were very evasive when responding to this situation, even though I wasn't charged with anything. Furthermore, I realized that, by dropping this ID card, Bobby could have helped someone establish an alibi for someone else, WHO MAY HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF WHO SET THIS IN MOTION.

No one in my family or life was concerned at all about:

  • the fact that I was not in jail
  • finding out what had happened to me
  • or even hearing my story, like all facts of my life are classified information

Questions - recorded shortly after "The EV3NT"

  • if you want to conspire against me, go right ahead. i have plenty of experience in this department. i bide my time, bait you into lying and flip my cards one at a time.

    • DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. Do you understand? Leave me the fuck alone.
    • it's pretty sad that these people fucking with me have surveillance and are nothing other than blinded by it.
      • how is it that i have no access to such information, yet i keep wooping y'alls asses over and over again.
      • as sick as I am with these dumb little word games:
        • y'all "SEE" everything
        • I do "NOT SEE" anything
        • and i keep wooping your asses over and over again. why?
          • because i don't need to see to know.
          • it has nothing to do with your dumb little word games.
          • i simply leverage:
            • all senses,
            • all memories,
            • all intuitions
            • and all methods of knowing simultaneously.
            • i strengthen each avenue intentionally.
            • most critically, i strengthen METACOGNITION
      • but to you, what is this about? is it a political witchhunt? why? AND WHY THE FUCK DO YOU COWARDS HAVE TO ESSENTIALLY SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE BACK?
  • i just want to be left alone. i don't hate you. i will stand up for myself. but i don't hate anyone. i never have. and as hard as you try, you can never make me hate anyone

    • .... except communists. i guess i hate communists. i wonder, why?

(1) How did Bobby get away?

i now know the answer to this

  • how fast did other salem units respond to the scene?

How long does it take to walk from the edge of my driveway to the point of intersection by police

  • i.e. the point at which we initially crossd paths, which was in front of the white house on the hill on N. Market Street (around the point of the sidewalk)
  • i'm guessing the amount of time required for this distance at walking speed is very close to the amount of time required to drive from the police station and up market street to intercept us.
    • still, i do not believe it was the Salem City police who set this up. instead, i believe someone signalled to the police by dialing 911 as we left my driveway.
    • i suspect that Bobby was trying to signal to his sister, so she could signal to the police (either indirectly or directly by calling 911)
      • she was on the phone with him the whole time until we encountered police, which i believe was to ensure that Bobby would have my phone after this all went down
      • his sister also knew certain details about the police encounter, which were critical in helping me form my understanding of how he got away from them. I still do not believe her, per se (i.e. just because)

did someone make a 911 call for which Phillip was dispatched to the scene from the Salem PD HQ?

  • my mom did say that someone called 911 which was why the encounter happened in the first place
    • if this is true, then someone could have called the police when we left my driveway. however, bobby had been standing in my driveway for approx 45 minutes
      • because i had smoked weed and my mind was scattered
      • i was trying to gather all my stuff

Why was bobby willing to tolerate standing in the driveway for so long?

Why did bobby say we were going to get a "drink" "from sheetz"?

  • when he knew that i had absolutely no money (i dont think i even had $5) it didn't make sense

Why did bobby make statements about his bookbag being broken or hoping that the zipper wasn't going to break?

  • this is relevant because after the police encounter, the zipper was broken on my bookbag. it's yet another potential example of him applying my own ideology & methods for approaching situations w/ event-driven, atemporal undrerstandings of how they will play out.

why did bobby try to give me a vaporizer (without a battery)

  • he did this right before justin left. they were supposedly leaving together.

why did bobby "drop" his vape juice and other items at the scene?

  • i found this the day afterwards. if i hadn't seen it laying in the road (i didn't touch it whatsoever) then i wouldn't have tried to search the scene.
    • i searched the scene and he had "dropped" some things as he was "running" that acted as a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow
    • since (1) it was so obvious
      • and (2) the probability that i'd follow that trail was like 99%
        • why? since i live on the street, walk to the coffee shop every day and couldn't possibly not see the vape juice on the road and remember the
      • , i don't actually accept that these were dropped naturally, but that the were intended

IF all of this IS a conspiracy (either organized crime or non-salem police)...

  • then how could it possibly have been so sophisticated?
  • i'm sorry, regardless of why this happened or who set it in motion, this was incredibly fucked up and way below the belt

why did bobby intentionally leave himself logged into my PS4?

  • bobby reviewed his active facebook sessions in front of me on thursday 12/21!! he was concerned about sessions he saw that were logged in from Philadelphia and other cities.
    • if he knew that you could check for active facebook sessions, then why did he act like "he knew" that he ended the facebook session when he closed the tab on the PS4 browser?
    • he was a real smartass about this, by the way.
      • i was trying to log it out for him, since he forgot to do it. and he was like "here let ME show you how to do it! [dumbass technology idiot]" lol i think he was faking it.

would he have wanted me to have access to his FB messages if he was throwing me at the police? why?!!

  • after this all happened, multiple people connected to it accused ME of "being the narc" or being a narc.
    • was bobby trying to set me up to take the fall for investigations he was working? how is that not reallllly fucked up for a narcotics officer or snitch?

Was bobby a narc or snitch or was he affiliated with the police at all? and if so, why was he stealing shit in my neighborhood and leaving stolen goods at my HOUSE without telling me?

  • this is critical. i want to know why people were sent against me and why i was left broken after having my trust betrayed.
    • i didn't trust bobby completely, but i was hoping to form a connection over a short period of time, so i could help orient him in the correct direction.
    • i soon began to suspect a trap. something didn't feel right. it felt like he and other people were LARP'ing certain situations.
  • bobby indicated knowledge of statements i'd made to myself AND of statements i allegedly made to Tatiana Maslany....
    • again, how is it that soooo many people know about that?
    • and why is it that when people know about that, they always gain my trust to pull me in and stab me in the back.
    • to be certain, i'm not saying she had something to do with this because that's ludicrous. i'm saying he indicated knowledge of those "conversations" -- which is awfully strange if they never happened at all.

When bobby and roger were "running from the police" the night they showed up at my house, was that all an act?

  • regardless, roger displayed profound muted insight of psychology and the shark-like predatory nature of a born-and-bred criminal
    • when he stayed one night and one day at my house, there were times he pointed the phone at me for long periods of time with his arm outstretched.
      • like 5 - 10 minutes at a time. long enough for his arm to get tired
      • i would turn around and he'd move the phone two inches (to cover his eyes so i wouldn't notice that he wasn't watching me from behind the phone)
  • if he and bobby were stealing shit from my neighborhood (literally shitting where they slept)
    • then why didn't they steal high-value items from me (only little things) and why didn't they steal from my mom or ever venture upstairs?
      • i was actively watching their locations the whole time and staying close, which was annoying as fuck bc i felt like i was babysitting people i couldn't trust. also, it probably doesn't send off positive vibes if i clearly didn't trust them

Why did bobby steal the single adderall from my prescription bottle?

  • i knew that he did it AS he did it because i watched him look at roger, while both bobby's field of view and mine were mutally obscured by the white pillar.
    • that is, he knew that i couldn't see him and was too stupid to realize that i knew exactly what he was doing because of the proximity to his departure time AND his location, coupled with the orientation of his body.
    • further, i determined that i could neither trust him or roger because i watched roger's face as bobby opened my pill bottle and roger didn't say shit about it.
      • this was complementary to the disrespect that roger showed me for 2 or so hours after we originally met (bobby didn't tell me he was bringing roger)
        • again, the disrespect was pointed and psychologically tactical. i knew this. roger was trying to front hard, stunt and see if i'd feel threatened. i never feel threatened because i know people's minds.
        • instead i signal a null response because i'm more interested in seeing how much of it you'll do.
      • no offense. quite often, i'm wrong. another great reason to wait it out and see.

why did bobby show up in my life again the exact day i got the refill on my adderal?

  • again, i'm not stupid. you stole the single adderal that i had been saving for two months in case i needed it to be analyzed for being manufactured by a compounding pharmacy
    • it doubled as an indicator: could i trust the person in my house?
      • NOPE. apparently not. it was adderal well spent. i learned that i couldn't trust either of you and to never trust either of you again.
      • what do i do to people i don't trust? i bring them in closer to find out who poisoned them against me or sent them against me.

why did bobby get a SECOND mcdonalds cup for tea after i threw the original one away?

  • i threw the first one away and damaged it when i threw it in the trash. this was early in the morning (i think?) before everything had happened
  • this is relevant because i found the SECOND mcdonalds cup in the creek. jumping to conclusions here, but why would he need to get the second one?

when bobby's sister contacted me at 4:00am on 12/23, Why did she seem most concerned about how i would talk about the scenario

  • and, if she was phishing for information to relay to bobby, then why would this all be so well-organized?

what did bobby do with the second bag of drugs that was so conveniently left on the floor approx 30 minutes before we left?

  • in other words, was his original plan to encourage police to chase him back to my house?
    • relevent because i have a device that helps me take drugs responsibly, which looks incredibly sketchy.
    • before this all went down, i woke up to my mom "discovering" this device as she was searching my stuff.

Where was bobby expecting me to run, if I wasn't immediately caught?

the police DID come back to my house and briefly searched around it, for signs of bobby.

Bobby brought a flashlight with him. why?

  • Flashlights bring attention to you, especially at night
  • it was one of the first things that Phillip asked me about
    • Bobby and I both had flashlights
    • i felt like bobby used suggestion on me to encourage me to get the flashlight on my desk that had been there since before Thursday 12/21.
      • if so, why?
    • philip immediately suspected that we were breaking into cars (which i imagine was reported via a 911 call ... or at least suspected by the caller)
    • however, having flashlights doesn't make sense if someone is breaking into cars. it DRAWS attention to you. so, unless you want people to think you're breaking into cars, you're not going to carry a flashlight.

Why did bobby know how to use psychological & NLP techniques like suggestion and "priming"?

  • and how would he know how to use psychological suggestion tactically like that? who trained him to do that? who the fuck advised him through this? that's what is driving me crazy right now. i only felt threatened because of what i recognized, which i also knew that Bobby couldn't know how to use tactically and methodically

    • like, he might know how to use those techniques, but not in that way, not in such a well-coordinated manner towards the objectives in some strategy.
    • he used these techniques at least 10 or 20 times that i detected. they are very subtle. again, i usually see how someone is going to attempt to use these on me.
      • i don't try to stop them, at first, but i become aware of it happening. not a tactic i'd recommend to other people though.
        • i merely act like i react in the way they would expect me to react. i do this repeatedly if i feel threatened, particularly by psychological techniques
        • instead of repelling me, threats intrigue me, since i'm overly confident AND i'm cornered (bored, in extreme emotional distress with nothing better to do)
  • priming works just like it does for a lawnmower, psychologically and neurologically. you are literally PRIMING specific circuits to fire again soon.

    • this works by raising the probability of neuro-circuit reactivation above infinitesimal
      • it can be unpredictable, since you're still leaving the subject in control of their decisions. the intent is to make it more likely that the subject will re-engage certain neural circuits within a short timeframe.
      • when applied effectively, it is a tactic of NLP that renders the subject unconscious to why they made certain decisions, which means they may not understand why they made their decisions. however, since the priming activations must occur during a short timeframe before they would be reactivated, using it too often or without obfuscating the actions through multiple agents, the subject can become aware of who influenced them, how they were influenced and why, even if they are not aware of how such "priming" works

How did bobby know to hide in the tunnel at Roanoke College?

  • how did he know it was there and that he could use it?
  • when i inspected the scene the next day, i found foot prints. in cold weather, footprints are easy to identify in average grass, as long as the person was running.
    • the weather was so cold that
    • this tunnel apparently connects to the other side of campus

Did bobby's sister pick him up at the other side of the tunnel?

(24) Why is it that I'm not connected to a single person who cares enough about me to help me explore options for relaliating or defending myself?

  • in the days after this happened, no one i talked to about it (my family, friends, etc) ever tried to move me toward options for dealing with what happened.
    • no suggestions of getting a lawyer
    • no attempts to help me find a lawyer
    • no attempts to bring that or any other options up in conversation

(25) Why is


If Ludwig Boltzmann were alive today, my community would decide that the life of a Heroin Dealer were more important. Ludwig Boltzmann is someone who's ideas were not appreciated until after his death, when they founded the basis of #Thermodynamics. He was a true genius who plummeted to his death because his family helped reinforce the circumstances which led to his depression.

The world was not ready for thermodynamics when boltzmann's understanding of statistics led to its initial foundations. his life was cut tragically short. more than ideas themselves which provide the basis of what i have formulated, i understand the biographical details and motivations of countless great men thoughout history. i understand what psychologically motivates people to transcend humanity's limitations of knowledge. i understand how to idenfity those boundaries and how to reformulate what exists to create a wider body of knowledge.


And this is a crux of my argument for a nihilistic crisis that threatens humanity -- not that i would approach Boltzmann or necessarily be great. However, it appears nothing any man could do in the 21st century would distinguish them above any welfare-subsisting heroin-dealing bottom-feeder... Not a try-hard wannabe Boltzmann; or the real thing: a Boltzmann, a new Einstein, another Hawking: none of it matters. In my case, nothing I could ever do would ever grant me any opportunity in society.

The situation as it is now, is far better than it is 20 years from now, when it is certainly impossible for any man to transcend any achievement of artificial intelligence. This is what it means for humanity to suffer through the greatest nihilistic crisis in history. There is no purpose for your existence. There is no purpose for any man's existence. Even if your definition of meaning in life is as noble as struggling to carry the human race forwards: THERE IS NOTHING ANY MAN CAN CONTRIBUTE.



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