Abstract Adapters: replaces Adapter with Connector/Helper modules/classes #1

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dcunited001 added some commits Mar 23, 2013

@dcunited001 dcunited001 Added Foreman:
* updated Procfile.example with postgres/mysql commands
@dcunited001 dcunited001 database.yml: moved to example file & updated with correct db names 47bbafe
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated mysql adapter version 7d1c15d
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Test Prepare Tasks: update rake tasks with new interface 61a3d2d
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Loader class: moved to separate file, updated and added spec 7237ebb
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Dependency::Reader class: moved to separate file, updated & a…
…dded spec
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Dependency: moved Script & Reader to separate files, deleted cb99e67
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Logger: moved to separate file, updated & added spec 8630099
@dcunited001 dcunited001 i18n: moved functions out to module & separate file. added spec. 00ed5a5
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Dependency::Script class: moved to separate file, updated & a…
…dded spec
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Config module: split skiima config methods into a module whic…
…h is loaded onto Skiima & Skiima::loader
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Config::Struct class: a modified OpenStruct to manage config …
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima module: implemented the classes/modules abstracted from skiima…
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Mysql Adapter: fixed issue with symbolized keys on config hash 4d2cee1
@dcunited001 dcunited001 References to 'yaml' => 'yml' 3da7933
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added/removed notes from db adapters 641e352
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated sql scripts create & drop the test database/user 8cb4093
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated readme with a feature roadmap 50bf256
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima: loading skiima/config/struct f699526
@dcunited001 dcunited001 new version: bumped version from 0.1.000 to 0.2.000
- transitioning to 0.3.000 when these features are complete.
- probably incompatible to the last, but i didn't change too much of the API
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima Module: added delegation & updated spec with behaviors 29cc4c1
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Loader class: started writing behaviors for specs 1f110f3
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Loader class: refactored #up & #down methods. b677729
@dcunited001 dcunited001 renamed to dependencies c132338
@dcunited001 dcunited001 moved resolver to its own class f8f9892
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Resolver class: moved to lib/skiima/db 2db2910
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima::Db::Connector: added module and base class f7835ea
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Resolver: add #orm & #adapter accessors. 35198a8
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added gemset for active_record connector specs e05c400
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Spec Helper: require active_record gemset b454b24
@dcunited001 dcunited001 remove gem include form Skiima::Db::Connector::ActiveRecord 73bea67
@dcunited001 dcunited001 rakefile: updated #connection => #connector b124622
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Loader: updated #connection => #connector 4422a87
@dcunited001 dcunited001 loader spec: updated #connection => #connector 9550da6
@dcunited001 dcunited001 specs: updated #connection => #connector 410c600
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated resolver class 14930f1
@dcunited001 dcunited001 connector: updated base class 82a45ce
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added active_record/base_connector f587942
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Added basic Mysql2 connector 1ae030c
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added basic mysql connector 583ffc6
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added basic postgresql connector 0edee91
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added mysql and postgres helpers, which are loaded on the connection …
…singleton class
@dcunited001 dcunited001 trimming old adapter code, these files will be removed shortly 68e39ce
@dcunited001 dcunited001 in the process of removing skiima/db_adapters/mysql_adapter c04202c
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Dependencies.yml: updated test_proc & test_proc_drop 0d29ee9
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated mysql helpers f58ba26
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added test for Script#down_filename c6f4595
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated Script with new helpers 980ae84
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Mysql Connector: added delegates e0769d3
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Mysql2 Connector: formatting changes 0294d90
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated README.md and Version 0602c57
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed DbAdapter classes 95a28bf
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima module: removed require for db_adapters b88d932
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed #version accessor from mysql and postgresql helpers 0a1aa75
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed db_adapters from gem 6aa097c
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed db_adapters from gem 359c922
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated Rakefile to use the Skiima init_test_db script. updated postg…
…res to split multiline queries
@dcunited001 dcunited001 fixed issue with loader 05bfaf4
@dcunited001 dcunited001 fixed issues with Skiima#up & Skiima#down 43f45b9
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed comments & pry 7265c74
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Internationalization Spec a5f0eca
@dcunited001 dcunited001 removed opts from Loader#up & Loader#down 6c8fc89
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima Spec: moved spec for #msg 1f93736
@dcunited001 dcunited001 Skiima Spec: added spec for #setup 20f0424
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added a few tests for resolver d635c75
@dcunited001 dcunited001 refactored Struct & added specs ca83782
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated with a list of specs to finish a9a7b6b
@dcunited001 dcunited001 added shared example for config 7a02363
@dcunited001 dcunited001 implemented shared example for config f000a0f
@dcunited001 dcunited001 updated shared example for config 230237c

@dcunited001 dcunited001 added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 8, 2013

@dcunited001 dcunited001 Merge pull request #1 from dcunited001/abstract-adapters
Abstract Adapters: replaces Adapter with Connector/Helper modules/classes

@dcunited001 dcunited001 merged commit cd02ae9 into master Apr 8, 2013

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