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Notes on the extensions to lunit found at <>
Starting with Sam's fork, described below, I added support for Lua 5.2.
Since Lua 5.2 has no module function, I added a lunit.module that serves the
same purpose. For examples of its use, see up.lua, down.lua, and lunit-tests.lua
The update has been tested with Lua 5.1.4, Lua 5.2-beta, and LuaJIT 2.0.0-beta8
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes on the extensions to lunit found at <>.
I fixed the -t switch for selecting only a single test, it didn't seem to be
completely implemented, and annoyingly forced you to match the entire test
function name.
Vanilla lunit doesn't actually need the lunit wrapper script, you can write tests like
-- mytest.lua
module("mytest", lunit.testcase, package.seeall)
function test_xxx()
function test_yyy()
and run them like
lua mytest.lua -t xxx
It's unfortunate this isn't documented, it led at one person to clone it, with
slightly different function names, and minus some useful features that lunit
got right (multiple testcases, distinguishing between errors like syntax, and
test assertions) <>.
The files both.lua, up.lua, and down.lua show how, without using the lunit
script wrapper, you can write tests that are runnable as a single file:
lua up.lua
as well as by collecting them all into a single test suite
lua both.lua
or just listing them all
lua up.lua down.lua
YMMV, hope you like it.
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