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Vasilisa Versus

Web Developer. Russia, Saint Petersburg.


Vue, Angular, React. JS, TS, CSS, HTML. Version Control, Testing and Debugging, Building and Automation Tools, Responsive Web Design, Website Speed and Performance. Intermediate level in English, Russian is native.

Experience, Saint Petersburg, 2018 - 2019

Worked in the infrastructure unit. Logging, deployment, support for the internal framework and tools for the frontend. Used nodejs\react\python.

Ridgebox, USA, 2017 - 2018

Leading и react/redux frontend development. The brandbot is a CRM integrated with mindbody. Created a flow editor along with a visual tool for designing emails. is an analytics service to track competitor activities on social networks (Facebook\Instagram\Yelp\FourSquare). My responsibilities included stakeholder management, designing architecture and leading frontend development. Used react\redux.

LPTracker, Saint Petersburg, 2016 — 2017

С - developing a landing page visual development tool. Techologies used: react\redux\strongloop\expressjs. My team was tasked to utilize companies experience in building landing pages and microserver architecture to create a no-code needed visual landing construction tool. My responsibilities included designing project architecture and leading the development team.

Considering the requirements I designed a three-part architecture: Backend part taking care of the users website data, Editor for landing page creation, Frontend taking care of gathering statistical.

I took part in developing all three parts. Most of the effort was put towards creating a minimalistic interface and landing page development flow automation including a real-time supporting tips flow. I designed backend in a series of module services that could support multiple features down the product pipeline, such as billing, authorization, etc. The product was developed and as MVP and ultimately scrapped. I was responsible for the product development, team management and requirements management.

Convermax, Rostov-on-Don, 2016 — 2016 (half year) B2B portal development: an integrated solution for Office 365 integration. Built on angular and typescript. I was the lead of modular front-end development. Completed the delivery of a real-time chat, including moderation and other tool sets and a proprietary wysiwyg editor (medium-editor alike). Mostly worked with typescript/angular. Acquired experience on working in a big team with polished business-processes.

RNDSoft, Rostov-on-Don, 2014 — 2016

Participated in a variety of internal projects (b2c, b2b, b2g). Starting with simple landing pages all the way up to SPA applications built on angular JS with backend on Ruby on Rails (I took small part on it too).

  • SPA portal. Done layouts and interactive elements development along with fillable forms and analytics.
  • – both portals are designed as a singular service including a public comment section, news feed and an administration interface for publication pipeline.
  • – a landing page and an authorization module using Bitrix ESIA
  • – an interactive governor office with a video chat based on webtrc. Including an interface and pipeline for problem solving: real people applying to solve their issues and completing paperwork along with government employees.

Started out as a developer, but as my experience grew I took up more and more responsibilities in a team with good business processes. Took part in onboarding new coworkers and brought additional value to the projects. Worked on a variety of projects full-circle, including negotiations.

AllDesign, Rostov-on-Don, 2013 — 2014

Preparing designs for printing/thermal printing. Tracing images. Designing new logos and simple UI kits. Designing layouts and publishing simple websites. Started taking part in designing technical structures for larger projects.


Information Security Bachelors Degree, Rostov State University of Economics


I work with uz0 – a project on gathering data and education. I gather groups of new developers and educate them on whatever I happen to be good at. My main goal is to motivate them to pay it forward on the other projects. We get together and develop web projects and games, it’s a lot of fun for all of us!

Creative outlet

Currently developing a sci-fi universe, named theedgestory, that hosts a few visual novels along with gaming experiences. I try to bring together people like-minded people, work and play as a team and have a good time with it!


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