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What is Meta.Numerics?

Meta.Numerics is library for advanced numerical computing on the .NET platform. It offers an object-oriented API for data wrangling, statistical analysis, computing advanced functions, numerical integration and optimization, Fourier transforms, and matrix algebra.

How do I get Meta.Numerics?

See our Installation tutorial for instructions.

How can I find out more?

You can read tutorials about how to use some of our features on this github wiki. Meta.Numerics also has its own web-site, where you can find detailed feature information, read API documentation, and use some web calculators that show off its capabilities. Meta.Numerics also has a Facebook page, which you can like to see very occasional news in your Facebook feed.

Under what terms can I use and redistribute Meta.Numerics?

Meta.Numerics is licensed under the MS-PL license, which is a BSD-style license. You can use the Meta.Numerics library in your own free or commercial applications. You can redistribute the Meta.Numerics library. You are allowed to do all this subject only to a few, common-sense requirements: don't misrepresent Meta.Numerics as your own, or misrepresent its license, or sue us for patent infringement or because our library misbehaved. See the license text for details.

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