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Set a local Drupal 8 environment to develop and test core patches.
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Drupal 8 core dev helper

This project is meant to help you set a local Drupal 8 environment to help develop and test core patches.


Install and launch Docker, then run:

git clone && \
  cd drupal8_core_dev_helper && \

The above will give you a login link to a fully-functional local Drupal environment, which you can open in a browser.

Your Drupal code now available at ./drupal8_core_dev_helper/drupal.

More details

See the blog post Fast-track local Drupal 8 core patch development and testing, April 7, 2018, Dcycle Blog.

Useful commands

  • docker-compose down powers down your Docker containers.
  • ./scripts/ powers down and destroys your Docker containers, and deletes your local copy of Drupal at /path/to/drupal8_core_dev_helper/drupal.
  • ./scripts/ powers up your Docker containers and installs Drupal if necessary.
  • ./scripts/ generates a one-time login link to your Drupal environment.
  • docker-compose exec drupal /bin/bash -c 'drush ...' calls drush on the Drupal container.
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