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Webform Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

As of Feb. 11, 2019, this project is archived, please fork it or use an existing fork instead



A Drupal 8 module to migrate webforms and their submissions from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

For more information on why this was create, see the blog post Migrating Webforms from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, Dec. 18, 2017, Dcycle Blog


You should have access to both your Drupal 8 site and your Drupal 7 database.

Install and enable webform_d7_to_d8 as you would any other Drupal 8 module.

In the $databases section of your Drupal 8 settings.php file, add something like:

$databases['upgrade']['default'] = array (
  'database' => 'drupal7database',
  'username' => 'drupal7user',
  'password' => 'drupal7password',
  'prefix' => '',
  'host' => 'drupal7host',
  'port' => '3306',
  'namespace' => 'Drupal\\Core\\Database\\Driver\\mysql',
  'driver' => 'mysql',

Test the connection to the legacy database by running:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8_test_connection()'

Then you should see:

Good news: the connection to your legacy database seems OK!

Running the migration

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8()'

You can also run the migration with different options:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["nid" => 123])'
drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["simulate" => TRUE])'
drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["nid" => 123, "simulate" => TRUE])'
drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["max_submissions" => 10])'

Reimporting vs. new-only methods

By default, if a webform already exists on the target system, it is reimported, and changes on the target system are destroyed. For example:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["nid" => 123])'

At this point weform_123 exists on Drupal 8. Let's say you add a field, or remove or modify a field on the D8 webform, then run, again:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["nid" => 123])'

Your changes to D8 are deleted and weform_123 corresponds, again, to the state of webform 123 on D7. If this is not what you want, you can specify:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["nid" => 123, "new-only" => TRUE])'

This will ensure that only new webforms are migrated if they don't yet exist on the target D8 site.

This does not affect submissions, only webforms themselves.

Known issues

Certain configuration is not imported, such as thank you pages.

Submission ids (sids) are not mapped from D7 to D8. If you need to find a D8 sid from a D7 sid you can run:

Drupal\webform_d7_to_d8\WebformMigrator::instance()->d7ToD8sid($this->nid, $this->id);

Problems with required fields

If webform 123 was created in Drupal 7 with field name as not required, then submissions were created without the name field, and then later on the name field was set to required, we might have issues importing submissions without the name field. You might see something like:

The following ERRORS occured during import.
Errors with the following fields (they might be required, for example) for webform 123: name

To fix this, you can run the import like this:

drush ev 'webform_d7_to_d8(["defaults if required" => [123 => ["name" => "default name"]]])'


Migrator for Webforms from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8






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