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DCZIA 2018

 ___   ___ _____        ___ __  _ ___
|   \ / __|_  (_)__ _  |_  )  \/ ( _ )
| |) | (__ / /| / _` |  / / () | / _ \
|___/ \___/___|_\__,_| /___\__/|_\___/

| DCZ ■■ ⧻|
| □ □ □ □ |
| □ □ □ □ |
| □ □ □ □ |

News September 2021

  • Added new pre built binary file of the badge firmware with bug fixes for the boot loop issue. (Thanks to Aask for the guidance!)
  • Updated final software readme and this readme.

August 2018

  • FINAL INO is up use that for use with the final board.
  • ProtoDos is frozen for now. Library changes + board layout changes mean Final and Dos aren't really interchangable.

July 2018 Update 2

  • ProtoDos code updated with BLE Code working and advertising to DC26 with 0X5050 Manufacturing ID
  • Some ProtoDos code cleanup

June 2018 Update

May 2018 Update

  • Proto Tres Board revision has begun.
  • Please write down your ideas for lighting / BLE in the Google Doc for badge development.

March 2018 Update

  • Proto Dos boards are in, working, and off to Lithochasm for redistribution with the keys

Feb 2018 Update

  • Dev boards have been made by Hamster. He identified an issue with the footprint of the leds, and is working on a fix.
  • Clear keycaps have begun printing by Litho. Switches and LED's for a dev board test have been ordered as well.
  • Software developemt has not begun.
  • Goals for Feb, get dev boards up and in the hands of folks.
  • Ideas for software features
  • Laynard Design

What is the DCZia 2018 Badge

This year we want to keep up with the tradition of our past badge which contained mechanical keyswitches on it to give it a retro look and feel. We decided on a 4x4 grid of mechanical keyswitches with an rgb led underneath and transparent keycaps to make an interactive display of sorts.

We also will be adding a small oled at the top center of the badge for more ovbious visual output. Board will be powered by an ESP32 and will talk BTLE and possibly Wi-Fi if we can find something cool to do with it.

Defcon2018 Style Guide:

Technical Notes

  • ESP32 Microcontroller
  • SSD1306 OLED Screen
  • Gatreon Blue Keyswitches
  • Neopixel Mini RGB LEDs
  • 3x AA power or USB power
  • Shitty / Minibadge Addons supported

DevKit Setup Instructions

  • Follow the ESP32 Setup Instructions to get the latest board version. (NOTE: This is required to use BLE as there are recent updates)
  • Compile and upload to your Proto-Dos board
  • Enjoy all the fun menu settings, light show and BLE experience.

To Test:

  • Use Nordic's nRF utility for the phone.
  • Review #badgelife's doc for BLE communication. Compare to last year's badge to see the correct manufacturer ID and appearance.