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Community Resource for Archivists and Librarians Scripting
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Community Resource for Archivists and Librarians Scripting

Our community resource is intended to provide helpful one-liners and script code specifically drawn from real-life examples in archives and libraries. Take these, use them in your workflows, change them up, contribute back! Remember: you have to crawl before you walk. (See what we did there with the acronym?)

This is just the beginning! Check it out on the web here:

We plan to add documentation on how to add your own comments soon, so if you have an idea for a command/explanation you'd like to contribute and wading into the index.html is not for you, feel free to add it as an Issue for now.

Created by Jarrett Drake and Dianne Dietrich.

How do I contribute?

You are welcome to edit the codebase yourself, or just supply the information and ask it to be added to the site.

Edit codebase

To contribute to this project directly (and more quickly), clone this repository and create a new branch (git checkout -b your-branch-name) and add or modify a new block in index.html. Then submit a pull request and the maintainers will review and integrate your code. There is a commented-out sample block available at the bottom of index.html that can be as a guideline for your command.

Make a request

If you are having trouble with coding it yourself or with github, feel free to submit an issue with the kind of command you would like to see added to the site.

General help

If you want to help but don't have a new script to add, you can help us by testing out the scripts available, by refining or clarifying the documentation, or creating an issue for anything that sounds confusing and requires clarification.

Credits and Thank You

Nick Krabbenhoeft (for adding an rsync example and a section on moving around the command line)

Ashley Blewer (for adding disk usage commands)

Bertram Lyons (for adding commands)

Kieran O'Leary (for adding commands and offering Windows shell guidance)

Hillel Arnold (for adding code to make individual commands linkable)

Ashley Blewer, Eddy Colloton, Rebecca Dillmeier, Jonathan Farbowitz, Rebecca Fraimow, Samuel Gutterman, Kelly Haydon, Reto Kromer, Nicole Martin, Katherine Frances Nagels, Kieran O'Leary, Catriona Schlosser, Ben Turkus (the AMIA AV Hack Team that built ffmprovisr)

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