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The **sfProjectAnalyserPlugin** allows you to analyse your symfony 1.x project, it can
raise several **coding standards** alerts. A YAML configuration file allows you to
switch what to analyse and also allows you to parameter **threshold** for each alert.

This plugin can be helpful in mainly two situations:

  * You quickly want to check **the volumetry and code quality** of a project your
  are going to maintain.
  * While developing a project from scratch, as a **continuous integration tool**,
  to ensure that as the project grows, you keep on following the **symfony coding
  standarts** you defined at the very beginning of your project.

Features list:

  * Result output:
    * As HTML or as XML (check option `output`)

  * Stats
    * Count/list of applications, modules, actions (by project, application, module)
    * Count/list of number of templates and partials (by module)
    * Count actions, templates and partials code length (by project, application, module)
    * Count of layouts and partials code length of applications
    * Count/list of plugins
    * Count/list of classes / interfaces
    * Count/list of symfony extended classes

  * Alerts
    * Alert for public non action methods in a module
    * Alert for modules including too much actions
    * Alert for functions without docblock
    * Alert for calls of "sfContext::getInstance()"
    * Alert for modules templates and partials code length
    * Alert for empty modules templates and partials
    * Alert for application layouts and partials code length
    * Alert for empty application layouts and partials
    * Alert for actions calling others actions ($this->executeXXX(), code:4004)


 * Install the plugin

        $ ./symfony plugin:install sfProjectAnalyserPlugin

    * You can also checkout the svn repository
      * [symfony 1.1.x, 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x](

 * Clear your cache

        $ ./symfony cc

 * Enable the plugin for your project: (`/config/ProjectConfiguration.class`)

        require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../lib/vendor/symfony/lib/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php';

        class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
          public function setup()
              // ....

 * Publish the assets of the plugin to have the alerts logos

        $ ./symfony plugin:publish-assets

 * Run the analysis (using the default configuration)

        $ ./symfony project:analyse --application="frontend" --env="dev" > analysis.html

 * Then browse (locally) the generated html file "analysis.html"

 * Correct the code or modify your coding standards rules until having the
   wonderfull **"Congratulations ! Green message"**. ^^

**Note**: Obviously the better is to CRON the task to send the report by email

**Note2**: You can also get the output as XML, with the `output` option:

        $ ./symfony project:analyse --application="frontend" --env="dev" --output="xml" > analysis.html

In this case it will return an xml string like this:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>


The plugin comes with a *default* configuration, but you can add several ones with
other rules and thresholds:

 * Copy the `/plugins/sfProjectAnalyserPlugin/config/plugin_sfpa.yml` into
   the `config` folder of your application. Then this file will be used instead
   of the plugin one.

 * Now, you can add your own configurations. You should keep the `default` one witch
   is the basic configuration provided by the plugin.

        # This is a custom analyser configuration
          # Global settings
            check_functions_docblock:   true  # Raise an alert if a function does not have its docblock
            check_context_get_instance: true  # Raise an alert is "sfContext::getInstance()" is encountered in the code

This file is self documented, you will find a comment for each treshold / flag / option.

**Note**: The default configuration is quiet strict ! So don't be scared if
it raises lots of alerts. ;) You'll have to tune or create your own configuration file.

**Note2**: If an exception of this type is raised:

        Can't find the 'check_plugins' setting in the 'global' section, please update your plugin config file

It means that the default config file of the plugin was modified. (or new settings
were introduced) Therefore you will have to reflect these changes into your custom
configuration file.


To use your own configuration just pass the config option to the task:

    $ php symfony project:analyse --application="frontend" --env="dev" --config="my_config" > analysis.html

Where `my_config` is the config key name defined in your YAML file. (like above)


A demo included in the plugin, you can test it with a sandbox project for example.
Add the `sfProjectAnalyserPlugin` plugin in the `to_parse` setting of your configuration
file in order to activate the demo.



  * Alert for TODO, FIXME tags in the code or the comments
  * Raise alerts for classes including methods without docblock
  * Allow to get actions declared in a top action class
  * Allow to parse custom actions files
  * Alert for ORM code at the action level


  * When raising an alert display the related code "a la sfException" (highlighted)
  * Count number of ORM statments in the Doctrine or Propel model classes
  * Count langs, i18n catalogs and traductions
  * Count helpers / anonymous functions


  * Refactor alerts checks so that all processAlertXXXX functions are called automatically
  * Use factories to override plugins main objects classes

**Other ideas:**

  * Refactor the last alert for the alert summary so we don't have to handle this special case
  * Refactor the ignore feature so objects are displayed but don't raise any alerts ? (will depend on feedback)

PS: You can also send me a contribution request if you have good ideas for new
alerts or other enhancements. :)


Please report bugs on the official plugin post on my [symfony blog]( (not posted yet :))
I may also answer if you ask on the symfony users mailing list.

Have fun, [COil]( ;)

Known bugs

* Helpers are not parsed
* Lib folders of plugins are not parsed
* ysfDimmensionPlugin is not supported for now (but will not raise errors)
* Standart checks are not done in the validateXXX methods when using the compat10 mode


This plugin is sponsored by [SQL-Technologies](

![SQL Technologies](