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Welcome to R For Non-Programmers: A Guide for Social Scientists

R for Non-Programmers: A Guide for Social Scientists is a springboard into the world of R without having to become a full-fledged programmer or possess abundant knowledge in other programming languages. This book guides you through the most common challenges in empirical research in the Social Sciences and offers practical and efficient solutions. Each chapter is dedicated to a common task we have to achieve to answer our research questions. In addition, it provides plenty of exercises and in-depth case studies based on actual data.

Install the companion package

If you want to take full advantage of this book, I strongly recommend to install the companion R package: r4np. It includes

  • functions to get you up and running more quickly
  • lots of datasets which are used in the book

Join the discussion on twitter

If you have question or simply want to join the discussion on twitter, you can do so by using #r4npbook.


R For Non-Programmers: A Guide for Social Scientists (book)