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OpenShift Templates for a scalable Selenium infrastructure
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Selenium OpenShift Templates

OpenShift Templates used for a Scalable Selenium infrastructure


$ oc create -f selenium-hub.yaml
$ oc create -f selenium-node-chrome.yaml

In case you want to have VNC access to your chrome node, you need to add node chrome debug

$ oc create -f selenium-node-chrome-debug.yaml

and then to view the node via VNC, you use port forwarding to localhost.

First you get the pod of chrome debug

$ oc get pods
NAME                                 READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
selenium-hub-1-b8w96                 1/1       Running     5          4d
selenium-node-chrome-debug-1-2gcqn   1/1       Running     4          3d

Run port forwarding

$ oc port-forward -p selenium-node-chrome-debug-1-2gcqn 5900:5900
Forwarding from -> 5900
Forwarding from [::1]:5900 -> 5900
Handling connection for 5900
$ vncviewer

NB: The default password to access to VNC is secret. You can change it by editing the chrome debug Dockerfile following this.


openshift 1 hub 1 node hub 1 node openshift 1 hub 1 nodes hub 2 nodes

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