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# .gems generated gem export file. Note that any env variable settings will be missing. Append these after using a ';' field separator
archive-tar-minitar -v0.5.2
autotest -v4.4.6
bacon -v1.1.0
builder -v3.0.0
columnize -v0.3.6
cucumber -v1.1.4
diff-lcs -v1.1.3
eventmachine -v0.12.10
freeswitcher -v0.7.1
freeswitcher -v0.7.0
freeswitcher -v0.6.18
gherkin -v2.7.7
gherkin -v2.7.6
gherkin -v2.7.3
gist -v2.0.4
json -v1.6.5
json -v1.6.4
linecache19 -v0.5.12
log4r -v1.1.10
nokogiri -v1.5.0
rack -v1.4.1
rack -v1.4.0
rack-test -v0.6.1
rake -v0.9.2.2
rspec -v2.8.0
rspec-core -v2.8.0
rspec-expectations -v2.8.0
rspec-mocks -v2.8.0
ruby-debug-base19 -v0.11.25
ruby-debug19 -v0.11.6
ruby_core_source -v0.1.5
term-ansicolor -v1.0.7
webrat -v0.7.3
ZenTest -v4.6.2