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Welcome to FSSpecs!

FS Specs aims to spec the entire internal infrastructure of FreeSWITCH, available at, from now on called just 'freeswitch' one section at a time all the way through.

As a basis for mapping that internal structure, we are using FSR, also known as FreeSWITCHer as the interface to freeswitch. I'll just call it 'fsr' from now on.

Basically, we are taking Cucumber, writing features that call out to specs which execute some portion, or all, of a freeswitch operation. Currently, we use RSpec under the hood. I'll just call it 'rspec'.

The first commit of this project contains a working, passing spec for a single connection between 2 working and configured freeswitch deployments (boxes).

This is the starting point for all addition features and specs. This feature will show that your testing infrastructure is working correctly! If this fails, nothing else matters!

The starting point is named features/000_phone_infrastructure.feature

NOTE: Please bear in mind the '00' portion of the filename. You should order the remainder of any addition setup you need, or specific action sets done first before you hit the real meat of most of your feature sets, with this pattern in mind. This helps to ensure proper flow of the feature sets themselves.

Development has no guarantee to work. It is what it is, which is a work in progress.

Development Progress

When we say we have a single thing mapped, we mean that we have left a single test for, say, being able to connect to extension 1000. Originally I was hitting every single extension that FS leaves enabled by default (default as in they regularly are enabled but not promised to be) through Cucumber Scenario Outline. Those have all been condensed down to a single hit to FS. If you want the mapping of each and every one, you'll have to just make the Scenario Outline and map your vars. Easy Peasy.

Currently we cover the following scenarios as of 2012/02/09. More will, of course, be piling on as time progresses. These are considered part of 'core'.

  • 000_phone_infrastructure.feature

  • 001_channel_can_dial_extensions.feature

  • 002_channel_can_interact_with_voicemail.feature

    NOTE: The current Demo IVR system is non-testable. Removed associated feature

Both the voicemail and demo are fed using EventMachine (hereafter called EM), by basically cloning features/step_definitions/(vm|ivr)_listener.rb depending on what segment of the system you're trying to interact with. Then you feed it to via the timers. The real guts of what is being done is based in the handle_event() in both. Basically, this should be reduced down to just changing out the wav files you're looking for depending on which part of the system you're in. Other channel data can also be mined looking at 'p event.content.keys' at the beginning or end of any particular (Vm|Ivr)Listener factory (the map to the class(es) are in the already named files) that are fed to the EM reactor.

The next to be tackled will probably be the echo extensions and the like. I'm basically using the 'default' extensions and services that come enabled in FreeSWITCH. NOTE: This does not mean we map a 'default config' of freeswitch. There is no such thing. The only thing meant is we tag the services we know are usually enabled. WHAT THAT IS CAN CHANGE! Be aware of that!

Feel free to submit pull requests. Also, if you're using this, then you shouldn't be afraid to file Issues either! :-)

Continous Integrated Testing - Travis CI

We curently hook into Travis-CI: which will show you the status of all tests as of the last commit that was not marked '[cs skip]'. You can watch how the tree progresses from there.

Current Build Status: Build Status


OK, now on to how to get the blasted thing on your machine. :-)


First, make sure you have git on your box, along with ruby, rubygems, etc.

We use RVM to manage our ruby environment(s) so you might want to check out and install it. Once its configured, fs_spec will fit right in, and install the ruby version we use, create and use the gemset 'fs_specs' and install the gems we use.

Once done, cd to wherever you want to keep the testing tree. eg 'cd $HOME/projects/local'

Then execute: git clone git://

Now cd fs_specs If you have rvm installed, this next step will kick it off. it will notice our .rvmrc file in the directory and prompt you to read it, verify it, and either trust it or deny its execution. Once satisfied, trust it, and let it roll. It will install Ruby 1.9.3-p0, and then load the needed gems in the 'fs_spec' gemset it creates.

When the .rvmrc file is finished being evaluated, you'll have all the tools we use. At this point, you can simply check rvm info to make sure you are in ruby-1.9.3-p0@fs_specs

What Next

Now is the time to check that you have connectivity between your machines you'll be using for testing.

Now edit features/000_phone_infrastructure.feature and change the (blackbird|falcon) to the names of your own servers. NOTE: This will be made into a configuration file, most likely YAML based. Its a TODO.

You're done! Now you can run the following command. If your connection check earlier was working correctly, then this command should pass. Run: cucumber features/000_phone_infrastructure.feature You should see all Green if your machines are properly configured.

What Does What?

The feature files kick off all the specs under features/step_definitions/ and this is where to find everything. All the guts of the Testing Glory reside here. The human interface remains with Cucumber.


I'm proud to work on Open Source software for various Projects out there. If you feel I’ve done something worthy of it, please feel free to donate some cash! It will be used to pay bills, feed my dog and I, and make it easier for me to spend more time working on more Open Source projects! Let me say right up front! Thank you! All your donations are deeply appreciated! I hope to continue to write and work on stuff people need and want!

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