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CG Python Lunch and Learn Demo

First of all:

Thanks for taking an interest in the Python Brown Bag Session. I hope you gain something of value from it. Python is an insanely powerful language, and super approachable. It is also one of the main officially supported languages at Capital (Along with C# and Java). This will be an interactive coding session so please bring your laptops!


No coding expierence required!
I will ask that you install some apps to your cg laptop before you attend though. Please navigate to the CG App Store and download these things:

  • python (link)
  • vs code (link)
  • this code repo (link)

After the required aps have downloaded from the cg app store

  • Atempt to work through example 0, on your own.


I will share my screen on webex (link to come soon) and we will work though two examples.
The first example will take approx. 15 minutes. It will cover an interactive command line application. This means we will type things on the command line, and our python script will interpret what we type, and give us some sort of response.
The second example will be a little more advanced, and will cover working with a 3rd party lib called Selenium to automate interacting with a website. This demo will probably take a majority of the remaining time. This repo will contain instructions as well as the solutions for each app.

Helpful Links:

The official Python docs:

  • Documentation is your friend, and it is the first place a programmer should go when they have a question


  • Dead serious, if you need to know how to do something in a language, google your question. There is someone out there in the world who is probably having the same problem you are having, and someone out there (most likely on stack overflow) has answered your exact question

Hitchhikers Guide To Python:

  • One of my favorite python resources, covers everything from how to structure your project, to writing tests, to being pythonic.


CG Python Lunch and Learn







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