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DDD South West Website

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New and improved website for the DDD South West conference.

Running DDD South West locally


Before you can run the DDD South West website locally, you'll need to ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. Ensure you have dotnet SDK v1 or above installed. You can verify this using the dotnet --info command. If not then head over to the .NET Core SDK download page and download/install it.

  2. Ensure your ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable is set to either Development or development. You can do this by running one of the following commands:

    Command Prompt: setx ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT "Development"
    Powershell: $env:ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT = "Development"

    OS X:
    Run export ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development in your console.

  3. The DDD South West website uses PostgreSQL as its data persistence engine so you'll need to have an instance running (either installed locally, remotely or via Docker) with the following development database credentials set:

    Database Name: dddsouthwest
    Database Username: dddsouthwest_user
    Database Password: letmein

    The easiest way is to use the PostgresSQL Docker image via the below command:

    docker run -d -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_USER=dddsouthwest_user -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=letmein -e POSTGRES_DB=dddsouthwest postgres:9.4

    This command will download, run and create the database with the correct database user credentials set.

    Once PostgreSQL is running, you need to connect to the dddsouthwest database and use the init.sql file to seed the database schema and demo_data.sql to seed some demo data. This demo data includes an admin account with the following login credentials:

    Password: Letmein555

Running manually

Once the above prerequisites are met follow the steps below:

  1. Clone contents of repo to your local disk
  2. Run dotnet restore within the ./src/ folder to restore the application(s) packages
  3. Run dotnet run within the ./src/DDDSouthWest.IdentityServer/ directory
  4. Run dotnet run within the ./src/DDDSouthWest.Website/ directory
  5. Navigate to the website on http://localhost:5002

Run from Docker (not tested for a little while - may be incorrect)

Once the above prerequisites are met follow the steps below:

  1. Publish artifacts and create images by running $ sh
  2. Run docker-compose up to launch
  3. Connect to the PostgreSQL container and seed the database data using the contents of demo_data.sql as outlined in step 3 of the prerequisites.
  4. Navigate to the website on http://website:5002

Logging in as an admin

If you seed your database with the demo_data.sql as described in Step 3 of the prerequisites then you should be able to log in with the following demo user credentials:

Password: Letmein555


A preview of the front page:


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