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title: "2018 Agenda"
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After a couple of weeks of intense voting we're excited that the [agenda for DDD Sydney 2018 is finally live](!

This year DDD Sydney received a staggering 128 sessions from 73 speakers. To put that in perspective, we only had 61 sessions submitted to the 2017 event, that's a two fold increase on last year, and we only had space for 1 additional track, our [Junior Dev track]({{< ref "posts/" >}}).

It's always hard as an organiser to send the emails when sessions don't make it, and this year many great sessions by many great speakers didn't make the cut :frowning:.

Because of this we made the tough decision as an organising team to not run a locknote session, instead running an extra session per track, having 6 slots per track and a total of 27 sessions (we have some 20 minute sessions in the Junior Dev track, that's why the numbers aren't round :stuck_out_tongue:)!

With the agenda now published we're running the early bird tickets until midday today, [so you can grab yourself a ticket]( and get the discount, or wait until after midday and pay full price, up to you. At any rate, grab a ticket, tell your friends, colleagues, random strangers on the bus<small>*</small> and we'll see you at DDD Sydney 2018!.
<small><em>* DDD Sydney does not condone harassing strangers on public transport, do that at your own peril</em> :grinning:.</small>

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