A compression tool based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform method.
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(original home page at debin.net/zzip)

A compression tool based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform method.

Zzip compression algorithm is mainly based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform method developped by Mike Burrows and David Wheeler.

Here are the different steps:

  • RLE packing if necessary
  • some transformations for text, multimedia and win32 binary files (eol coding, delta-encoding,...)
  • Burrows-Wheeler Transformation, it's a suffix sorting (Bentley-Sedgewick ternary sorting with initial bucket sorting)
  • MTF like transformation
  • arithmetic coding (two groups, ternary sequence & structured model)

Here is a list of its features:

  • great compression ratio and good decompression speed
  • build/extract/test/list archive files
  • built-in multimedia detection/compression
  • number of files in one operation is only limited by available memory
  • support for file attributes and file date/time stamps
  • support for file integrity tests (CRC-32 checksums)
  • support for win95 long filenames
  • self-extracting archive (.exe file)

Current release of Zzip / Zzlib is 0.36c, 04-Jun-2001 (so pretty old stuff !).