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Version 0.5 release note

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# AdhereR 0.5

## New features

- major improvements to `compute_event_durations`, with a complete makeover of the handling for special periods like hospitalization and restructuring of the output.
- New function `prune_event_durations` to remove leftover supply from previous dispensing events in case of new dispensing events within a user-specified time after dosage changes, special periods, or treatment interruptions.
- New function `cover_special_periods` to identify special periods that are in proximity to already covered durations and add an additional event for these durations.
- New option `treat.epi` in function `CMA_per_episode` to specify precomputed treatment episodes for the computation of CMA per episode.
- New vignette [*Data preparation for computing adherence to medication in AdhereR*]( added to explain the functions `compute_event_durations`, `prune_event_durations`, `cover_special_periods`, and `time_to_initiation`.

## Bug fixes

### `compute_event_durations`
- fixed a few instances where colnames were hardcoded to colnames in example dataset
- throw errors when,, total.dose, or presc.daily.dose contain NAs
- fix error when visit.colname is not in
- fix progress bar when ID's are not sequentially starting from 1

# AdhereR 0.4.1

## Bug fixes

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