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Code for the analysis and plotting of the simulated influence of midsgittal hard palate shape on the transmission of vowels across generations
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Supplementary Materials for Weak biases emerging from vocal tract anatomy shape the repeated transmission of vowels

This contains the Supplementary Materials for the paper.

Please see SIGuide.pdf for details, but note that the individual folders are not ZIP'd here.


  • SupplementaryResults contains the actual full results as HTML documents (ZIP'd to save bandwidth) -- this is probably what most people would find most interesting,
  • SupplementaryData contains the various data needed to understand the paper,
  • SupplementarySoftware1 and SupplementarySoftware2 are the Rmarkdown scripts (+ data) that contain the code for analysis and plotting (please note that, to protect our participants' identitiy, not all the data needed to run SupplementarySoftware2 are made available, so this script will actually not run, but its results are contained in the SupplementaryResults2.html document!),
  • SupplementarySoftware3 contains the code and data needed to run the simulations (please also see the GitHub repos and,
  • SIGuide.pdf is a full guide to all this...
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