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(ns friend-oauth2.workflow
(:require [cemerick.friend :as friend]
[clj-http.client :as client]
[ring.util.codec :as ring-codec]
[ring.util.request :as ring-request]
[cheshire.core :as j]))
(defn format-config-uri
"Formats URI from domain and path pairs in a map"
#(str %1 (get-in client-config [:callback %2]))
"" [:domain :path]))
(defn format-authentication-uri
"Formats the client authentication uri"
[{:keys [authentication-uri]}]
(str (authentication-uri :url) "?"
(ring-codec/form-encode (authentication-uri :query))))
(defn replace-authorization-code
"Formats the token uri with the authorization code"
[uri-config code]
(assoc-in (uri-config :query) [:code] code))
(defn extract-access-token
"Returns the access token from a JSON response body"
(j/parse-string (response :body)))
(defn make-auth
"Creates the auth-map for Friend"
(with-meta identity
{:type ::friend/auth
::friend/workflow :email-login
::friend/redirect-on-auth? true}))
(defn workflow
"Workflow for OAuth2"
(fn [request]
;; If we have a callback for this workflow
;; or a login URL in the request, process it.
(if (or (= (ring-request/path-info request)
(-> config :client-config :callback :path))
(= (ring-request/path-info request)
(or (:login-uri config) (:login-uri (::friend/auth-config request)))))
;; Steps 2 and 3:
;; accept auth code callback, get access_token (via POST)
(if-let [code (-> request :params :code)]
(let [access-token-uri ((config :uri-config) :access-token-uri)
token-url (assoc-in access-token-uri [:query]
(replace-authorization-code access-token-uri code))
;; Step 4:
;; access_token response. Custom function for handling
;; response body is pass in via the :access-token-parsefn
access-token ((or (config :access-token-parsefn)
(:url token-url)
{:form-params (:query token-url)}))]
;; The auth map for a successful authentication:
(make-auth (merge {:identity access-token
:access_token access-token}
(:config-auth config))))
;; Step 1: redirect to OAuth2 provider. Code will be in response.
(format-authentication-uri (config :uri-config)))))))
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