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Friendly: An easier way to build websites with PHP

Version 1.0 Developer Preview / Released February 15, 2006    

Friendly is a small and simple MVC-style web development framework intended for use
in server environments where more powerful development tools may not be an option --
in other words, a common shared hosting plan. Friendly contributes structure and clarity
to your code with an easy learning curve and no unnecessary hassle.

Information on installing and using Friendly can be found in ./docs/getting_started.html,
or on the web at <http://friendlyphp.org/docs/getting_started>.

This software is made available free of charge under the MIT license. For specific terms
please read the MIT_LICENSE file.

Friendly is open-source software; feel free to make modifications as you see fit.
Under the terms of the MIT license you are not required to report or submit any changes
to the source code. That being said, any improvements or patches you'd like to share with
the community of Friendly users are very much appreciated -- to submit a patch or get more
information, please e-mail <info@friendlyphp.org>

This version of Friendly incorporates the following third-party open source projects:

* [Smarty](http://smarty.php.net), a templating engine for PHP.
* [Prototype](http://prototype.conio.net/), a JavaScript library for easy Ajax and DHTML.
* [script.aculo.us](http://script.aculo.us/), a collection of special effects extensions for Prototype.
* [Textile](http://textism.com/tools/textile/), a humane text formatting syntax
* [Spyc](http://spyc.sourceforge.net/), a PHP-based solution for parsing and making YAML files.