C++ language bindings for http://ev3dev.org
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Latest commit 81eaf3b Dec 2, 2016 @bmegli bmegli committed with fix device_index implementation (#16)
there is:
_path = dir + dp->d_name + '/';

in device_index we have to take into account the '/' character when
calculating index


C++ language bindings for ev3dev

Build Status


  • EV3:
mkdir build
cd build
  • BrickPi:
mkdir build
cd build

You have several options for compiling.


You can use a cross-compiling toolchain to create ARM compatible code. Note: You need a Linux toolchain, not a "bare-metal" toolchain. If it does not have "linux" in the name, it probably won't work.

Pros: Fastest option. Works on Windows and Mac without a virtual machine.

Cons: Only includes standard libraries - no Debian -dev packages.


MentorGraphics toolchain (formerly known as CodeSourcery).


Carlson-Minot toolchain


Brickstrap uses QEMU to create a virtual environment (not exactly a virtual machine) that can run the same ARM compatible code on a different type of computer.

Pros: Faster than running on the EV3 itself. Can install all Debian -dev packages using apt-get.

Cons: Slower than cross-compiler. Requires Linux (Ubuntu).

See this page for instructions.

On the Brick

It is possible to compile programs on the EV3 brick itself.

Pros: Easy to setup.

Cons: Really slow.

Just run sudo apt-get install build-essential on the EV3 and you will have everything your need.