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What is this?

This repository allows you to quickly install Apache Solr for Drupal 9+ into a Ddev project using just ddev get ddev/ddev-drupal9-solr. It follows the Setting up Solr (single core) - the classic way recipe.

Installation on Drupal 9+

  1. ddev get ddev/ddev-drupal9-solr && ddev restart

  2. You may need to install the relevant Drupal requirements: ddev composer require drush/drush drupal/search_api_solr

  3. Enable the search_api_solr module either using the web interface or ddev drush en -y search_api_solr

  4. Create a Search API server at admin/config/search/search-api -> "Add server"

  5. Create a server with the following settings

    • Set "Server name" to anything you want. Maybe ddev-solr-server.
    • Set "Backend" to Solr
    • Configure Solr backend
      • Set "Solr Connector" to Standard
      • Set "Solr host" to solr
      • Set "solr core" to dev
      • Under "Advanced server configuration" set the "solr.install.dir" to /opt/solr.
  6. ddev restart

Outdated Solr config files

If you get a message about Solr having outdated config files, you need to update the included Solr config files.

  1. Click "Get" on the server page
  2. Unzip the files, and put the config files into .ddev/solr/conf/
  3. Run ddev restart

Other frameworks

See the documentation in the doc folder


This is the classic Drupal solr:8 image recipe used for a long time by Drupal users and compatible with search_api_solr.

Interacting with Apache Solr

  • The Solr admin interface will be accessible at: http://<projectname> For example, if the project is named myproject the hostname will be:
  • To access the Solr container from inside the web container use: http://solr:8983/solr/
  • A Solr core is automatically created by default with the name "dev"; it can be accessed (from inside the web container) at the URL: http://solr:8983/solr/dev or from the host at http://<projectname> You can obviously create other cores to meet your needs.

Alternate Core Name

If you want to use a core name other than the default "dev", add a .ddev/docker-compose.solr-env.yaml with these contents, using the core name you want to use:

    - SOLR_CORENAME=somecorename
  1. Change SOLR_CORENAME environment variable in the environment: section.
  2. Change your Drupal configuration to use the new core.

You can delete the "dev" core from http://<projectname> by clicking "Unload".


  • This recipe won't work with versions of Solr before solr:8, and Acquia's hosting requires Solr 7. You'll want to see the contributed recipes for older versions of Solr.