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Subreddit Utilities

This is a tool for working with subreddits you moderate on Reddit. It allows you to easily perform a variety of tasks, such as resetting your subreddit settings to defaults, copying one subreddit to another, or taking backups of your subreddits.

Subreddit Utilities is powered by RedditSharp, my .NET library for working with the Reddit API.

How to use

If you are on Linux or Mac, you will need to install Mono to use this tool. Preface all commands with mono on these platforms. On Windows, you will need the .NET 4.0 Framework, which you may already have installed.

srutil [credentials] [command] [arguments...]

You may call srutil and provide it a command you wish to perform from the list below. All of these commands take a unique set of arguments based on what the command does.

[credentials] is optional, but you may use something like srutil --username foo --password bar [command] [arguments...] if you wish. This may be useful if you are calling srutil in an automated fashion. If these aren't provided, you will be prompted to supply them.



Resets a subreddit's settings and style to the default.

srutil reset /r/example [filters...]

Aliases: clear

The filters determine which parts of the subreddit are reset. It's a comma-delimited list of filters.

Valid filters include: css,images,settings,sidebar,flair

You may also specify "all".


To completely reset a subreddit to default: srutil reset /r/example all

To reset CSS and images: srutil reset /r/example css,images

To remove all flair: srutil reset /r/example flair


Duplicates the styles and settings of one subreddit into another.

srutil duplicate /r/from /r/to

Aliases: dup dupe copy

All settings and styles will be reset in /r/to, then /r/from copied into /r/to.

You must be a moderator of /r/to, but needn't moderate /r/from.


Backs up a subreddit's settings, styles, etc into a zip archive.

srutil backup /r/example

Includes settings, stylesheet, images, header, sidebar, and flair templates.


Restores a subreddit from a backup zip archive.

srutil restore /r/example

Includes settings, stylesheet, images, header, sidebar, and flair templates.