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License: Zlib


Write short C-style programs whose output is used to generate sound!

Evaluator is inspired by bytebeat, a "genre" of music discovered by viznut, which he documented in several youtube videos.

Evaluator's approach, however, is not purist, and its language is not C. The language contains much of the same syntax, most of the operators, and the same operator precedence, but introduces some additional features that make generating musical sounds a little bit easier and also make real-time MIDI control of the program possible. It also includes several built-in presets that demonstrate all the language features, supports save/load to fxp, and loading a program from a plain text file.

The basic idea is that a program operating on 64-bit unsigned integers is used to generate every audio sample. The program essentially runs in a while loop that automatically increments the variables t, m, and q before executing the program code each time.

How to Build