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Conda environment with environment.yml


A Binder-compatible repo with an environment.yml file.

Access this Binder at the following URL:


The environment.yml file should list all Python libraries on which your notebooks depend, specified as though they were created using the following conda commands:

source activate example-environment
conda env export --no-builds -f environment.yml

Note that the only libraries available to you will be the ones specified in the environment.yml, so be sure to include everything that you need!

Also note that conda will possibly try to include OS-specific packages in environment.yml, so you may have to manually prune environment.yml to get rid of these packages. Confirmed Mac-OSX-specific packages that should be removed are:

  • libcxxabi=4.0.1
  • appnope=0.1.0
  • libgfortran=3.0.1
  • libcxx=4.0.1
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