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Rails+JS portfolio project for the Flatiron School


This app borrows a similar interface to the database Starfleet is always using on various StarTrek series. In addition to managing content related to various starships, users can also assign crew to different ships and note the mission type, see what the current fastest ship in the fleet is, and slightly more!

Now with JavaScript and AJAX!

  • Watch the tour of the newest version!
  • Watch the tour of the older, Rails only version.
  • Or try it here:
    • 🔓 Try logging in as "Roger", (pw: cilantro). This login also works in the local version.


  1. Fork and clone this repository, and then within the main directory execute
$ bundle install
$ rake db:migrate
  1. Seed some data to start with:
$ rake db:seed
  1. Then run:
$ rails s
  1. Open up a new browser tab and navigate to:
  1. Press ctrl+C in your terminal to shut it down.

This was made with Ruby 2.3.4, Rails 5.1.4, JavaScript ES6, AJAX, and moderate amounts of love.


Contributions are welcome, and can be made by either opening an issue or making a pull request to this repo.


The full MIT license can be found in this repo.