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rdd 0.57

This package provides the tools to undertake estimation in Regression Discontinuity Designs. Both sharp and fuzzy designs are supported. Estimation is accomplished using local linear regression. A provided function will utilize Imbens-Kalyanaraman optimal bandwidth calculation. A function is also included to test the assumption of no-sorting effects.


Apache License


Drew Dimmery <>


Version: 0.57
* Fixed covariate handling.

Version: 0.56
* Fixed bug in plot.RD.

Version: 0.55
* Added dependence on Formula.
* Fixed an odd bug with fuzzy RD, which caused misreporting of summary information.

Version: 0.54
* Removed LICENSE to comport with CRAN policy.
* Renamed VERSION to NEWS.

Version: 0.53
* Fixed bug in the estimation of LATEs away from zero.

Version: 0.52
* Fixed bug with sharp RD estimation.
* Fixed bug when cutpoint not equal to zero.

Version: 0.51
* Fixed a bug which resulted in crashes of the summary.RD and plot.RD functions. 
* Big changes in the handling of bandwidths. 
* Now accepts a vector of bandwidths as inputs. 
* Some outputs have been modified to reflect this change.

Version: 0.50 
* Added better error messages. 
* Fixed bug in plot.RDD. 
* Other minor code changes. 

Version: 0.42
* Submission issue. 

Version: 0.41
* Fixed submission issue. 

Version: 0.4
* Made compatible with CRAN. 

Version: 0.31
* Added plot.RD documentation. 

Version: 0.3
* Improved plot method, fixed some various bugs.

Version: 0.22 
* Fixed handling of missing values. 

Version: 0.21 
* Fixed bug in RDestimate when frame=TRUE and no covariates. 

Version: 0.2 
* Added separate function for kernel weights, S3 methods for plotting and summarizing RD objects.

Version: 0.1 
* First version. IKbandwidth, DCdensity and RDestimate created and working. 


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