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Capture The Dot Example

Game screenshot

Capture The Dot is a simple game where you try to click on a dot that moves to random positions. If you manage to click the dot, you have captured it and get some points.

The game is built with Qt and the Observable library, to showcase how you can use observable objects to build the model part of a MVC app.

The code is using a simple MVC architecture, consisting of a game controller, model and view, and has just 3 classes in total.

Here's what these 3 classes do:

  • GameView -- Renders the game and captures user input. This is a QWidget.
  • GameModel -- Contains the game's business logic, like positioning computations, score and hit-test code. This class does not use Qt at all.
  • GameController -- Hooks up the view and the model so that the view is updated when the model changes and the model's actions are called when different events happen.

Building the example

You will need Qt installed and discoverable by CMake.

You can manually tell CMake about Qt by either defining the QT_ROOT variable on the command line or setting the QT_ROOT_32 or QT_ROOT_64 environment variables.

If Qt is not found, the target will not be generated.

Also, note that this target is compiled by default.