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Recent Downloads Workflow

This is an Alfred v2 workflow to access the most recent downloads in the Downloads folder.

The items are sorted in decreasing order based on the time they are added to the folder. The item is filtered by testing whether the query is a subsequence (need not be consecutive) of it.

There are two operations on the selected item:

  1. open with default application (default)
    • if the item can be installed (an application, an dmg file, a zip file containing those files, etc), the workflow will prompt the user whether to install it. After the installation, if the item installed is an application, the workflow will prompt the user whether to launch it
  2. reveal in Finder (holding "option" key)
  3. delete (holding "ctrl" key)
  4. move to trash (holding "cmd" key)

The installation behavior can be controlled by config.yaml at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/recentdownloads.ddjfreedom/config.yaml:

Name Possible Values
install_action ask, install, open
auto_start ask, always, never
subfolders :all, :none, a list of entries
max-entries :all, integer for the number of results


Recent Downloads workflow can display items in some specified subfolders along with everything in ~/Downloads. The value for subfolders in config.yaml can be :all, :none, or a list of entries. Each entry can be a path or a hash:

folder: <path, :all, or :none>
depth: <a number >= 1> (default to 1)
exclude: <true or false> (default to false)

where depth controls how deep to go down the file system tree starting from folder, and exclude controls whether the folder itself is included in the result. :all and :none will override all other settings (whichever appears first).


Suppose ~/Downloads is as following

  | +-aa.pdf
  | +-ab/
  |   +-pic.jpg
  |   +-e/
  |     +-f.img
  | +-ba/
  |   +-baa/
  |   | +-foo/
  |   | |   +-bar.c
  |   | +-bar/
  |   |   +-foo/
  |   |     +-foo.c
  |   +-bab.xml

If config.yaml has the following value

    folder: "a"
    exclude: false
    depth: 2
    folder: "b"
    exclude: true

the result will be

a, a/aa.pdf, a/ab, a/ab/pic.jpg, a/ab/e
c, c/imgs



Recent Downloads is now on AlfPT:

`alfpt install Recent Downloads`


  1. Download and unpack the .zip archive.
  2. Double-click the "Recent Downloads.alfredworkflow" to install.


This workflow uses alfred_feedback.rb with some modifications to make it compatible with Ruby 1.8.7. The script for installation is written by Okke Tijhuis (@otijhuis,, and David.