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Data used in Headloss Piping Calculations
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Local Losses.xls

###Hydraulic Calculation Data

Set of excel files with various data necessary to perform Headloss calculation of piping system:

  • Fluids.xlsx - data about fluids (kin. viscosity, density, vapour pressure). Over 200 fluids in the base;

  • FrictionalLosses.xls - given only for the guidance. Fluid is fresh water @ 20 degC and flow is in full turbulent regime;

  • k_factors.csv - local (minor) losses (k-method) as used in my scripts;

  • Local Losses.xls - same as above, but in excel spreadsheet

  • Local Losses - Additional.xls - more complete list of local losses (k-method). Will include in my scripts, probably;

  • PipeRoughnes.xls - roughness data for various pipe materials;

  • ViscosityConversion.xls - use with care

Feel free to add new entries to the lists.

Again, no warranty of any kind.

(c) D. Djokic, 2014

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