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SoV - Starcraft over VPN v2.0
Written by Eric Doughty-Papassideris

SoV allows to connect to a starcraft game
over networks that don't route broadcast
packets - such as OpenVPN (I hear version 2.0
fixed it though) or Hamachi on Mac OS X.

How it works:
When listing games, starcraft sends a broadcast
packet that servers respond to with game
details. SoV uses libpcap to see such messages,
and injects them over another interface (while
correcting the source address, and setting the
destination to the ip provided on the command
line). The server sees the packet, doesn't care
that its not a broadcast, and responds to the
client with a normal UDP packet.
The client sees the game, and the rest works
fine without broadcast.
On Windows, the pcap_sendpacket does not add the Ethernet header
as it was tiresome to implement an ARP exchange, when INJECT_MODE 
is not defined, packets are forwarded as normal UDP packets.

How to build:
make for mac
ctrl+shift+b for visual studio

  - sniffex.c sample by The Tcpdump Group
  - WinPCap team
  - B. Borde, lemarsu for their patience in testing this.
  - Portions in SoV_Utils.* under the following notices:
	-	Copyright (c) 1999 - 2005 NetGroup, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
	-	Copyright (c) 2005 - 2006 CACE Technologies, Davis (California)

IDC v2.0 ("I Dont Care")

Carefull: I don't want to know about what
  happened (or not) because of this code.
  You are running it "as-is",
  and it "is not my problem".