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Modified version of mimosa-sprite:

  • Use spritesmith

    Smarter packing algorithm available.

  • Use json2css

    Easily customisable templates.

Heavily inspired by grunt-spritesmith.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'spritesmith' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.

This module depends on spritesmith which in turn has its own system dependencies.

Once this module has been added to your project, just execute mimosa spritesmith to generate your sprites. This module comes with some default config (see below) and if your project matches that config, you won't have any other work to do.


This module will generate sprite images and Stylus/CSS artifacts for those sprites.

Sprites will be generated for each folder in the sprite.inDir. So, if sprite.inDir points to images/sprite (the default), and inside images/sprite there are 3 folders named foo, bar and baz, then 3 sprite .pngs will be created called foo.png, bar.png and baz.png. Those images will be placed in the sprite.outDir, which is by default images.

For each sprite created, this module will place a stylesheet asset (either Stylus or CSS depending on config, Stylus by default), in the sprite.stylesheetOutDir.

If you are building many sprites, and those sprites have a set of images in common, you can place the common images in the sprite.commonDir, by default images/sprite/common. This special folder will not create a sprite of its own, but any images inside this folder will be included in all sprites.

Default Config

  inDir: "images/sprite"
  outDir: "images"
  commonDir: "common"
  stylesheetOutDir: "stylesheets/sprite"
    engine: 'gm'
    algorithm: 'binary-tree'
      renamer: (imageName, spriteName) -> spriteName + '_' + imageName
  • inDir: a string. The folder inside which are the images to be sprited. Every folder at the root of this folder will generate a single sprite. This path is relative to watch.sourceDir, which defaults to assets
  • outDir: Where to place generated sprites relative to watch.sourceDir Placing the output images outside the sprite directory makes it easy to exclude the sprite directory from being copied to watch.compiledDir.
  • commonDir: Folder inside which are images to be included in every sprite. This is a string path relative to inDir.
  • stylesheetOutDir: Where to place the output stylesheets. Path is relative to watch.sourceDir
  • options, an object or function. Pass-through options for spritesmith, the tool this module uses under the hood to do the heavy lifting.
    • json2css, and object. Pass-through options for json2css.

Example Config

If using stylus 0.39.1, you can handle retina sprites by generating a hash variable. Create one sprite called sprites and another called sprites@2x.

  inDir: '../sprites'
  stylesheetOutDir: 'stylesheets'
    engine: 'gm'
    algorithm: 'binary-tree'
      format: 'stylus_hashtable'
      renamer: (name, spriteName) -> name
        'stylus_hashtable': """
${{options.spriteName}} = {
  image: '{{{items.0.escaped_image}}}',
  width: {{items.0.px.total_width}},
  height: {{items.0.px.total_height}},
  {{name}}: {{px.offset_x}} {{px.offset_y}} {{px.width}} {{px.height}},
  names: {{#items}}'{{name}}' {{/items}}

You can then include the file and generate styles for icons in your stylus file, for example:

@import 'sprites'
@import 'sprites@2x'

  width $sprites[name][2]
  height $sprites[name][3]
  background-position $sprites[name][0] $sprites[name][1]
for spriteName in $sprites.names
    background-image url($sprites['image'])
  @media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5),
    (min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5),
    (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 3/2),
    (min-device-pixel-ratio: 3/2)
      background-image url($sprites_2x['image'])
      background-size $sprites['width'] $sprites['height']


A spriting module for Mimosa


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