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A jQuery plugin for iOS style wobbly element deletion.
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Wobbly - A jQuery plugin for iOS style wobbly element deletion.

The Wobbly jQuery plugin makes it easy to have iOS style wobbly (jiggly) icons for your delete actions. To use Wobbly, all you need is a Webkit browser (Chrome, Safari).

The demo for Wobbly is available at:

How to use Wobbly

Include Wobbly in the header (or footer).

<script type='text/javascript' src='wobbly.js'></script>

Attach to elements.

$("div").wobbly();  //Uses the default options.

$("div").wobbly("start", {  //With overidden options
    size : .50,
    position: "left",
    callback : function() {
        alert("In callback after item is removed from the DOM.");

$("div").wobbly("stop");  //Removes stops the wobble.

Available Options and their defaults

borderColor : "black"
backgroundColor : "-webkit-linear-gradient(top, #e20000 0%,#b70000 100%)"
textColor : "white"
size : 1
position : "left"  //or "right".
callback : function() {}
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