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Map release process on DDNet
Example for Kobra 4
Regular release time is 18-20 if we have 1 release for the day. If we have 2 releases, the first at 12-14, the second 18-20.
Planned map releases:
- SSH to all DDNet servers via public key, mod account in forum
- You need imagemagick, pngnq, optipng, clusterssh installed locally
- My tml fork in git/tml:
- SSH config (~/.ssh/config):
ProxyCommand ssh -q nc -q0 22
User deen
Port 22
Host *
User teeworlds
Port 6546
1. map properties
$ cd git/tml
$ ./properties Kobra\ Kobra\ 4.msgpack
$ scp Kobra\ 4.msgpack
2. screenshot
- Make a screenshot of the map on test server at 1440x900, HD on, no chat, no HUD, logo or start area or spawn, whatever looks best
config (run with ./DDNet -f foo.cfg):
gfx_fullscreen 0
gfx_screen_width 1440
gfx_screen_height 900
gfx_high_detail 1
gfx_texture_quality 1
cl_showhud 0
cl_showchat 0
cl_showkillmessages 0
- Screenshot file name: Everything that's not a-z,A-Z,0-9 gets converted to an underline
$ mv screenshot-20150815@121626.png Kobra_4.png
$ mkdir -p conv; for i in *png; do convert $i -resize 25% conv/$i; zopflipng -m --prefix conv/$i; mv conv/zopfli_$i conv/$i; done; scp conv/*; rm conv/*png; mv *png ~/git/ddnet/screenshots
- I store full size screenshots in git/ddnet/screenshots in case we ever need them (unused so far)
3. release the map
$ ssh
$ cd servers
$ mv test/maps/Kobra\ 4.cfg maps
- Check if the config is actually ok
$ git add maps/Kobra\ 4.cfg
$ mv test/maps/Kobra\ maps
- iMTG maps are in secret2/maps, race maps are in secret/maps
$ git add maps/Kobra\
$ vim types/novice/maps
- Add a line like 4|Kobra 4|Zerodin
First field is the number of stars, check the map topic for that
Last field is the names of the mappers: First, Second, Third & Last
$ ./
- Wait until FRA has been finished (main server)
4. check if it's released ok
- Check on server whether the map is votable
- Check /mapinfo and/or /map
- Check (/ranks and /mappers get updated every 20 min)
5. announce release with clusterssh
$ cat ~/.clusterssh/clusters
$ cssh ddnet
- 10 terminal windows open
$ abc
- Wait until it shows "bc>" on all servers, otherwise text will be cut off
bc> New map "Kobra 4" by Zerodin just released on Novice! <ENTER>
6. Clean up forum
- Go to
- Move the topic of the map to archive
- Write in the topic of the map that the map has been released
- Remove the map from Planned Releases