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/* (c) Magnus Auvinen. See licence.txt in the root of the distribution for more information. */
/* If you are missing that file, acquire a complete release at */
#include <engine/shared/video.h>
#include "gameclient.h"
#include <engine/input.h>
class CComponent
friend class CGameClient;
CGameClient *m_pClient;
// perhaps propagte pointers for these as well
class IKernel *Kernel() const { return m_pClient->Kernel(); }
class IGraphics *Graphics() const { return m_pClient->Graphics(); }
class ITextRender *TextRender() const { return m_pClient->TextRender(); }
class IInput *Input() const { return m_pClient->Input(); }
class IStorage *Storage() const { return m_pClient->Storage(); }
class CUI *UI() const { return m_pClient->UI(); }
class ISound *Sound() const { return m_pClient->Sound(); }
class CRenderTools *RenderTools() const { return m_pClient->RenderTools(); }
class IConsole *Console() const { return m_pClient->Console(); }
class IDemoPlayer *DemoPlayer() const { return m_pClient->DemoPlayer(); }
class IDemoRecorder *DemoRecorder(int Recorder) const { return m_pClient->DemoRecorder(Recorder); }
class IServerBrowser *ServerBrowser() const { return m_pClient->ServerBrowser(); }
class CLayers *Layers() const { return m_pClient->Layers(); }
class CCollision *Collision() const { return m_pClient->Collision(); }
#if defined(CONF_AUTOUPDATE)
class IUpdater *Updater() const
return m_pClient->Updater();
int64 time() const
return IVideo::Current() ? IVideo::Time() : time_get();
float LocalTime() const { return IVideo::Current() ? IVideo::LocalTime() : Client()->LocalTime(); }
int64 time() const
return time_get();
float LocalTime() const { return Client()->LocalTime(); }
virtual ~CComponent() {}
class CGameClient *GameClient() const { return m_pClient; }
class IClient *Client() const { return m_pClient->Client(); }
virtual void OnStateChange(int NewState, int OldState){};
virtual void OnConsoleInit(){};
virtual void OnInit(){};
virtual void OnReset(){};
virtual void OnWindowResize() {}
virtual void OnRender(){};
virtual void OnRelease(){};
virtual void OnMapLoad(){};
virtual void OnMessage(int Msg, void *pRawMsg) {}
virtual bool OnMouseMove(float x, float y) { return false; }
virtual bool OnInput(IInput::CEvent e) { return false; }