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Version 8.2.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 16 Apr 00:06


We may drop pagy's less used CSS extras.
If you wish to keep your favorites alive, please, vote here

✴ What's new in 8.+ ✴

  • New Pagy Playground to showcase, clone and develop pagy APPs without any setup on
    your side (try the pagy demo)
  • New :max_pages variable to limit the pagination regardless the actual count
  • Better frontend helpers
  • See the CHANGELOG for possible breaking changes

Changes in 8.2.0

  • Fix the '#pagy_url_for' method for calendar pagination (#688)
  • Extend the use of pagy_get_page to the arel, array and countless extras
  • Add the pagy_get_count method to the backend