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Changes to moshPyTT
===Version 0.1 (initial release)===
* Complete set of box editing features: move, stretch, shrink, merge, split, delete
* Italic, bold and underline handling
* Keyboard shortcuts for all editing tools
* Unlimited undo/redo stack
===Version 0.2===
* (Bugfix) Fix segfault caused by scrolling past image boundaries
* Add -i parameter to allow image loading from the command line
* Add autosave after 'n' changes
* Capital letters are now coloured differently to help distinguish mistakes
* Add find next/previous functionality
on adding lines at the bottom: GtkWarning: /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.22.0/gtk/gtktextview.c:4609: somehow some text lines were modified or scrolling occurred since the last validation of lines on the screen - may be a text widget bug.
vAdj.value = value - vAdj.page_size
Gtk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.22.0/gtk/gtktextview.c:4610:gtk_text_view_paint: code should not be reached